Phoenix Health Fund Members Own

The start of a new year is always a great time to take a look at our lives and our goals and think about what we want to achieve during the year.

A big part of our lives is our health, so why not have piece of mind that your health is in good hands with the best health fund you can find.

If you aren’t part of a Members Own Health Fund then you need to get onto that, pronto!

There are many benefits to choosing a Members Own Health Fund:

  • Members Own health funds are run to benefit members
  • With a Members Own Health Fund, you’re a person not a profit centre
  • Members Own health funds give more back to members
  • Members Own health funds provide better, more personal service

More than 2.5 million people across Australia have already placed their trust in health funds that carry the Members Own Health Funds symbol.

Phoenix Health Fund is a proud member of the Members Own Health Fund brand. Learn more about Phoenix Health Fund and Members Own Health Funds.


Owned by Members, for the benefit of Members

Join a health fund that listens to their Members and pays more in benefits.

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