You might be surprised to learn that in NSW a non-emergency ambulance call-out fee starts at just over $300. If you require helicopter transport in an emergency, this cost can quickly escalate into the thousands.

Ambulance services are not covered by Medicare but depending on what state you reside in, the government may offer some subsidies for ambulance charges. However, as a Phoenix Health member, you have peace of mind knowing your cover includes benefits for ambulance services, where medically necessary, including emergency and non- emergency treatment and transport for land, sea and air Australia-wide.*

We’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions about Phoenix Health ambulance cover so should you ever need to call an ambulance, you won’t be left wondering if you’re covered.

Is it included with my cover?

Yes! All Phoenix Health Hospital covers include 100% benefits for medically necessary ambulance treatment and transport. This means that you don’t need a separate ambulance subscription or cover.

Some Extras only covers have limited benefits for ambulance services. For more information about the benefits you’re eligible for, log into your Online Member Service Portal and check out the individual cover information sheet for your level of cover, or give us a buzz.

What’s not covered?

There are some fees and services that Phoenix Health doesn’t cover. These include ambulance subscriptions, services paid by the government, compensation or other third-party services that are not medically necessary or are provided free of charge.

What if I’m not admitted to hospital after ambulance care and transport?

If the ambulance service deems the services provided to you as medically necessary, then benefits will still be payable.

I’m going interstate on holiday, will I be covered?

Yes, you’re covered Australia-wide for air, land and sea ambulance services. However, if you’re planning a holiday cruise that travels further than 20km offshore, it’s important to note that Medicare benefits do not apply, and we recommend taking out travel insurance to cover yourself for incidentals whilst on holiday.

If I require transport by ambulance from an interstate hospital will I be covered?

We cover you for all medically necessary uses of the ambulance service. If it is not medically necessary for you to be transferred between hospitals then we are unable to pay a benefit.

For example, there is no benefit available for transport from an interstate hospital when the reason for transport is to be closer to family or home.

What to do if I get an ambulance bill?

If your bill doesn’t fit into any of the circumstances where we can’t pay a benefit, as we’ve detailed above, simply forward it to us with a claim form and let us do the rest!

If you have questions about ambulance benefits or any aspect of your cover, please contact the Phoenix Health team.

Fees and Charges based on information provided by the Ambulance Service of New South Wales. Medically necessary means on-site treatment or transport to your closest hospital or emergency department for treatment of an acute medical condition or accident. Where an Ambulance service is claimable through another source, including state Ambulance subscription, the service should be claimed through the other source first.