Phoenix Health Fund have you covered for your Ambulance needs.

No matter what policy you purchase with Phoenix, Ambulance coverage is included as a claimable item.

Phoenix Health Fund covers the cost of all medically necessary Ambulance transport across Australia for all members of the fund.  This includes medically necessary emergency and non-emergency transport.

We provide this coverage directly, so members do not need to purchase subscriptions with relevant State or Territory Ambulance services.

What we cover under our Ambulance cover

  • 100% of the cost of your Ambulance transport
  • Transport in any state or territory in Australia
  • Coverage includes land, sea and air.

What we don’t cover under our Ambulance cover

  • Ambulance subscriptions
  • Ambulance services paid by the government, compensation or anther third party
  • Ambulance services that are not medically necessary
  • Ambulance transport provided free of charge

If you have specific questions about how our Ambulance coverage works for you, please feel free to contact the fund.