From the 1st January 2016, Australia Post will be increasing the price of a postage stamp to $1 per delivery. This increase represents a 67% increase in the past three years and is expected to represent an increase in postal expenses for Phoenix of roughly 43% for 2016.
This comes after Australia Post, earlier this year announcing that standard delivery on posted goods now takes an extra day than the usual standard delivery date. This means members using posted communications as a preferred method of communication are waiting longer for their posted mail.
As Phoenix Health Fund does not wish to incur greater postage expenses (because this creates greater pressure on membership fees), and we want our communications reaching you as quickly as possible, we are encouraging all members to review the ways in which they receive communications from the Fund.
The Fund has already offered a number of options for members to utilise to reduce postal expenses, including the use of Mobile numbers (SMS), email and Online Member Services.
Phoenix is also looking in the New Year at moving to online billing. This will also help contain operating costs and therefore contribute to keeping our policies amongst the most competitive in the Country.

Phoenix postal benefit statements to cease from 1st January 2016

To decrease costs further, Phoenix is also ceasing sending out postal Benefit Statements (which represent all recent claim & benefit details) to members from the 1st January 2016. The Fund will continue to send Benefit Statements to member’s emails and provide copies on the Fund’s Online Member Services. If you have not shared your email with the Fund, please forward it to It is important to remember that all payments made by the fund will appear in your bank account statement.

What can I do as a member to decrease Australia Post price increases (and lessen the pressure on Fund increases)?

Contact the Fund and share that you wish to receive communications using your mobile phone, email and Online Member Services.

  1. Share your mobile number with the Fund.
  2. Share your email address with us too.
  3. Register for Online member services – Register at

What if I don’t use a mobile, email or Online Member Services?

We know not everyone is comfortable with these newer forms of communicating, which is why those members who do not have other details registered with the fund, will continue to receive posted general communications when required.

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