Phoenix’s Basic Extras offers services to those who maintain a healthy lifestyle, but are only seeking the essentials at an affordable price.

Services covered under this policy include dental, optical, physiotherapy, Non PBS Pharmaceuticals Chiropractic, Ambulance and Physiotherapy.

To get the most of out of your Health Insurance, this policy can also be purchased together with an hospital policy (covering medical expenses in hospital) to give you a diverse range of coverage in hospital and at your health service provider.

Inclusions in the Extras Cover

Unless otherwise stated, benefit limits apply per person per calendar year. Initial consultation benefits are paid only once per person per calendar year.

Benefit and limit amounts are effective from 1st August 2017.

Please also note that this page does not include the full detail of all services covered, and that sublimits apply for some services.  It is recommended that you contact the fund before your treatment to check exactly what you are covered for.

Treatments Benefit (for commonly claimed items) Overall Limit
General Dental 011 – Periodic oral examination – $32.00
114 – Scale & clean – $55.20
121 – Fluoride treatment – $19.20
(Excluded: Sunglasses, where no sight correction is needed)
Single vision lenses & frames – $150.00
Multi-focal lenses & frames – $150.00
Frame – $80.00
Single Vision Lenses – $96.00
Multifocal Lenses – $150.00
Non PBS Pharmaceuticals (Excluded: contraceptives and items purchased over the counter) Per eligible prescription – $30.00 (Paid after General PBS copayment has been paid) $200
Chiropractic/Osteopathic Chiro/Osteo Initial visit – $32.00
Chiro/Osteo Subsequent visit – $24.00
Chiropractic X-rays – $80.00
Physiotherapy Physiotherapy Initial visit – $40.00
Physiotherapy Subsequent visit – $29.60

Ambulance Coverage

Phoenix Health Fund covers all medically necessary transport from a State Emergency Ambulance service. This also includes when an Ambulance is called to attend to you, but you do not subsequently need to be taken to hospital. Coverage is not offered when it is not medically necessary for you to be transported by an Ambulance.

Basic Extras waiting periods

  • 2 month waits for General Dental claims
  • 6 month waits for Optical claims
  • Nil waiting periods for Ambulance coverage
  • 2 month waits for all other extras item claims.

Fund Rules

For the complete description of the Fund rules, relating this product, please refer to the General Information section on our website.

Please ensure you have read and retained the information relating to your policy of choice before applying for membership.

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