Why choose not-for-profit?

Why choose not-for-profit? Choosing a not-for-profit health fund like Phoenix Health Fund means your needs are our first priority. Phoenix Health Fund is a Mutual not-for-profit organisation, which means we don’t pay shareholders and earnings go back into member benefits.  This means an all round better deal for our members.

Private Health Insurance Reforms

Learn about Private Health Insurance Reforms Understand health insurance and what it means for you Last year the Australian Government announced a series of reforms to make private health insurance simpler and more affordable for Australians.

Are you thinking of making a switch?

Are you thinking of making a switch? What a bright idea! Switching your Health Insurance is super easy. We’ll contact your previous health insurer for you so there’s no messy paperwork to fill in. Best of all, any waiting periods you have already served with your previous Health Insurance provider will be recognised in full so