What's New At Phoenix Health

At Phoenix Health we’re proud to be able to offer personal health insurance. Any new products that are introduced are created with our members in mind and in consideration of their feedback. In addition, any changes to existing products are the minimum required to maintain affordability and keep Pheonix Health consistent with what is most common across the industry.

As part of our commitment to our members, Phoenix Health will always be transparent about any changes to your policy and welcomes your questions if you are ever unsure about a benefit or service on your cover.

The following information is a summary of new products and changes to all Phoenix Health hospital covers.

Changes to the way hospital benefits are paid in a Public Hospital

From 1 April 2020, members admitted to a Public Hospital as a Private Patient will be eligible for accommodation benefits paid at a shared ward rate.

If you need advice on whether being admitted to a Public or Private Hospital is right for your circumstances, contact the Phoenix Health team prior to admission or before making a decision on where you’re treated. Learn more about your rights as a Private Patient in a Public Hospital.

This change has made with careful consideration of what’s best for the affordability of our members and brings Pheonix Health in line with best practice.

Introducing extras covers with set percentage benefits

When our members talk, we listen. Recent member research found there’s still mystery around how much members get back for a particular treatment or service when using their extras cover. We call this the swipe and hope and would rather you swipe with confidence; that’s why we’ve introduced three new extras products.

Complete Extras 70, Everyday Extras 60 and Kick Start Extras 50 offer a set percentage benefit for all included services. All three levels of cover include gap free preventative dental for everyone on the membership and emergency and non-emergency Australia-wide ambulance. How easy is that! Learn more about these new Extras cover products and their benefits and limits.

Hospital cover with more choices

To help you take control of your policy we’ve added more choice in your level of excess – to help reduce your premium without compromising on cover, simply choose a higher level of excess.

We’ve also introduced some new hospital products that will fill the gaps in our product range. Learn more about Phoenix Health hospital cover.

Under 30? Save up to 10% on your Phoenix Health hospital cover

The Age-Based Discount was introduced by the Government in 2019 and it’s up to individual health funds if they wish to make it available to members on their hospital covers.

Phoenix Health has extended the government age-based discount to additional hospital covers for members under the age of 30, saving more members up to 10% on their hospital premiums.

We believe this initiative will help future proof the industry and strengthen Phoenix Health. Learn more about the Age Based Discount.

How do I know what changes will affect me?

As a Phoenix Health member, you will receive your premium and pricing adjustment notification via your preferred communication method (email or post) early March. This will outline any changes specific to your membership.

If you wish to review your existing level of Phoenix Health cover, we invite you to contact the Phoenix Health team – we’re here to help.

Don’t forget that you can view your level of cover and all included services and limits at any time via the Phoenix Health OMS (Online Member Service) portal or by downloading the Phoenix Health App from the App Store or Google Play.