An Extras Cover Helps Avoid High Out of Pocket Costs

The Australian health care system is complicated due to the integration of both public and private health care options. The public Medicare system provides coverage for hospital care. It covers 100% of public hospital stays. However, Medicare does not offer easily available cover for many ancillary items like Dental, optical, ambulance, physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Natural therapies and much more. To receive a complete health care package you need an Extras cover. The extras cover fills in the gaps that Medicare does not reach.

Paying for ancillary items out of pocket can quickly become cost heavy. Good news though, because Private Health Insurance gives you the option to purchase coverage for services to help cover these expenses. A big dental bill can be covered with Private Health Insurance. Vision correction items like contact lenses and glasses can be covered too. If you require physiotherapy, you will be billed on a per visit basis and your fund can help towards the cost of this. If you also need an ambulance, some people believe that this is covered free under Medicare. Unfortunately it is not, but your health insurance can help here too.

The combined cost of the services an extra cover policy can cover you makes purchasing an Ancillary cover with a Health Insurance an easy decision to make. Ancillary coverage is not subject to the Medical Surcharge Levy, Carrying it does not save you from the additional tax if you are in an upper income bracket, but the breadth of coverage it offers is important. Many insurance companies offer a combined package that covers both hospital and ancillary care. These are usually the best value to the insured given the government rebates offered for private health cover premiums.