Choose a Not-For-Profit Health Fund for Your Extras Cover in Newcastle

Health insurance policies are available all over Australia, and many Health Funds offer large coverage networks that allow members from anywhere in the country to access public and private facilities. In Newcastle, just like the rest of the country, if you are looking for holistic affordable cover, purchasing an Extras cover from a Health Fund that operates under a not-for-profit status may offer you your greatest return in benefits.

Ancillary coverage is generally not offered through the public system, making it critical that individuals obtain it through private sources. An extras cover in Newcastle can be purchased from a number of different Health Funds, some for-profit insurance companies and others not-for-profit health funds. Restricted not-for-profit health funds can sometimes even offer even better benefit returns, making them an even more desirable choice, should you be eligible to join.

Restricted not-for-profit health funds are not interested in mass marketing. They cater to a specific subset of the population as not everyone is eligible to join. Restricted funds are limited to specific industries and family members. Limited scope allows these funds to offer broad services for their extras cover in Newcastle. Restricted funds, like the Phoenix Health Fund which serves the steel industry, offer ancillary services that include: dental, optical, ambulance, pharmaceutical, midwifery, home nursing, speech therapy, occupational therapy, podiatric care, chiropractic care and much more. They also cover a range of natural medicine health offerings like acupuncture, naturopathy and remedial massage. Their strict focus and reinvestment of funds back into member benefits allows them to provide the best possible care and maximum benefits to their policy holders.