starting a family is one reason to get hospital cover

All Phoenix Health hospital covers are designed with you in mind; so your cover will always be the perfect fit and you won’t end up paying for a heap of services you don’t need.

The choice to take out and maintain hospital cover is a big deal and person decision. Here’s a few common reasons other members decide to have hospital cover.

1. To avoid or minimise government loadings and surcharges

All available Phoenix Health hospital covers can help you avoid or minimise the Medicare Levy Surcharge and the Lifetime Health Cover loading because we believe investing in your health and wellbeing is better than paying more at tax time.

The Medicare Levy Surcharge is in addition to the Medicare Levy that all Australians are required to pay and is indexed based on your income. The Lifetime Health Cover loading is an additional 2% loading added to your hospital contributions by the Australian Government for every year after your 31st birthday that you’re without hospital cover. You can learn more about these loadings here or contact us to find out how we can help you minimise their impact.

Under 30? All available Phoenix Health hospital covers are eligible for the Age Based Discount which means you can save up to 10% on your hospital contributions when you take out cover before you turn 30.

2. Planning on starting or growing a family

Starting a family is an exciting time and there’s lots to think about. If this is something you can see in your future, taking out cover now means you can serve your waiting periods and be eligible to claim by the time you’re ready to do so.

You’ll also receive free access to the Phoenix Health Hatchling Support Program to support you from the time you learn you’re expecting through to the first two months of your baby’s life.

3. Skip public hospital waiting lists

Hospital cover can you help you avoid public hospital waiting lists, give you the choice of doctor throughout your hospital journey and even give you the privacy of your own room while admitted to hospital, where available.

Plus, with our Health Management Programs like Rehab at Home we can even help you get home from hospital sooner and recover in the comfort of your own home.

4. Life can be unpredictable

It sounds cliché but a little peace of mind is never a bad thing. With Phoenix Health hospital cover not only can you be covered for all the things you’ve got planned in life but also have confidence knowing you’re covered for things you haven’t, like accidents.

If you’ve recently joined or upgraded your level of Phoenix Health Hospital cover and are still within your waiting periods for a treatment or service you need in the event of an accident, we’ll waive the waiting periods.1

5. Unlimited ambulance cover

All Phoenix Health Hospital covers provide you with unlimited cover for all medically necessary ambulance treatment and transport across Australia by road, air and sea.2

Find your perfect fit

Explore our full range of hospital covers using the link below. All available covers provide Australia-wide cover and have the choice of three levels of excesses to give you more control over your membership – to save on premiums without compromising on cover, simply select a higher level of excess.

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Benefits, limits, waiting periods and eligibility criteria apply. The above information applies to Phoenix Health Hospital covers available for purchase as at 1 March 2021. For more information about available covers and included benefits, see individual cover information sheets.
1See the Phoenix Health Member Guide or contact the Phoenix Health Team for more information.
2Medically necessary means on-site treatment to your closest hospital or emergency department for treatment of an acute medical condition. A waiting period of 1 day applies to Ambulance cover.