Phoenix Health Fund is a Mutual not for profit organisation, which means we don’t pay shareholders and earnings go back into member benefits. Operating as a not-for-profit ensures that our members are receiving a better deal than industry standards.

Our priority is to ensure our members and their families lead healthy and happy lives. We do this by providing a choice of quality Private Health insurance covers for hospital, medical and extras services.

Members of not-for-profit health funds have a lot to be happy about too because any surpluses that the fund earns goes back into reducing member contributions, and increasing member benefits and services. It’s our mutual way of rewarding the loyalty of our members, by reducing costs and increasing returns.

Industry analysis performed by the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman’s office back this up too, with Phoenix Health Fund operating well above industry standards when analysing fund returns to members. With the industry benefit return of 86.9%, Phoenix Health Fund operates well above average at 91.8%.
Take a look at just how good Phoenix Health Fund performs when compared with each of the leading for-profit brands in Australia below.

Phoenix Health Fund Bupa Medibank Nib Industry Average
Benefits as a percentage of contributions 91.8% 84.9% 87.2% 86.8% 86.9%