This is the “fine print” page with necessary legal information. If you still have questions or would prefer to chat, give us a call; we’re happy to help.

Suspension of membership

Members may suspend their membership when they are travelling overseas for a minimum of 21 days, up to a maximum of 2 years, by submitting an Overseas Travel Temporary Suspension of Membership Application form prior to their departure and agreeing to the terms and conditions of suspension. 

Members must provide their proof of travel within 30 days of their return to Australia, by supplying us with their e-tickets or boarding passes for all members on their policy, showing their exit and re-entry into Australia for their membership to be re-activated and their suspension to be honoured. Where a membership is not re-activated within the required time, or the member fails to meet the requirements of suspension, Phoenix Health may cancel the suspension, or in some cases terminate the policy, and waiting periods may apply on re-joining.

A membership must be active and financial for a minimum period of 6 months before a suspension will be approved, and suspensions are not available to Extras only memberships. Benefits are not claimable during a period of suspension. As you do not hold hospital cover during a suspension period, in some cases the Medicare Levy Surcharge may apply.

For full eligibility criteria and terms and conditions, please contact the Phoenix Health Team, or check out the Overseas Travel Temporary Suspension of Membership Application form.

Making a complaint or providing feedback

Happy members make us happy, and as such we are focused on providing you with the best, most personal health insurance experience possible. If you would ever like to provide feedback, or if you would like to make a complaint about your membership, please reach out to us as, so that we can address your concerns and come to a resolution for you as quickly as possible.

Step One: Contact Us

We appreciate and take your feedback seriously and any complaints will be dealt with in accordance with our Dispute Resolution Policy.

Call us: 1800 028 817
Email us: [email protected]
Write to us: PO Box 156 Newcastle NSW 2300

Step Two: Escalation

Once you have contacted us as above, if you are not happy with the outcome the matter can be escalated internally to the Member Service Manager, and if required the Chief Executive Officer and/or Board of Directors.

Step Three: External Review

If, after our best efforts, you are still not satisfied with our review and result of your concern, you can escalate your issue to the Commonwealth Ombudsman for Private Health Insurance.

Phone: 1300 362 072

For a copy of the Phoenix Health Dispute Resolution Policy, click here.


Dependants may remain in the fund in their own right after reaching the age of twenty-one (21) years as student dependants or up to the age of 25 on an Extended Family membership. Dependant children can still be covered asunder their parents’ membership provided the following conditions are met:

  • Unmarried
  • A full time student at a school, college or university which is recognised for income tax purposes
  • Is under the age of 25 years
  • Is in receipt of an annual income not in excess of that which is recognised as the maximum annual income a person may derive before taxation becomes payable, and
  • A Student Declaration form is submitted.

Please call or email our Member Service Team to learn more about Extended Family cover and for a personalised quote.

International travel & purchases

The Fund does not pay benefits for services provided outside of Australia and we recommend members consider Travel Insurance when travelling overseas and for some cruises when travelling off the coast of Australia. The Fund does not pay a benefit for any items purchased while outside of Australia.

Nursing Home Type Patients

Unless a doctor certifies otherwise, patients in hospital for in excess of 35 days continuously are regarded as Nursing Home Type Patients. Nursing Home Type Patients are required by legislation to pay part of the daily accommodation charge as approved by the federal Minister of Health.

Restriction and Exclusion Rules

  • A contributor who is in arrears for a period of up to two months and pays all such arrears before the end of that period is entitled to benefits for services during that period.
  • Fund benefits are not payable where a contributor or dependant has received or established a right to receive a payment by way of compensation or damages (including a payment in settlement of a claim for compensation or damages) under the law that is or was in force in a State or Internal Territory, which, in the opinion of the organisation, includes an amount for expenses equivalent to the fund benefit that would otherwise be payable.
  • Cosmetic surgery benefits are excluded where Medicare does not pay a benefit.
  • Psychology: No Fund benefits are payable for services claimed from Medicare.
  • The fund will not pay for services that are provided by family members or relatives.
  • The fund will not pay for services that fall outside of fund required service provider registrations and associations (specific registrations and associations can be found on the products page alongside the service).
  • The fund will pay limited benefits for surgical podiatry in hospital for recognised podiatric surgeons only.
  • Services provided outside of Australia.
  • For hospital services considered to be restricted, the fund will pay minimum benefits for Private hospital accommodation, theatre fees and labour ward.  Members should expect out of pocket expenses.
  • For hospital services considered to be excluded, the fund will pay no benefit.

Payment of Benefits

The maximum payment from each table will be as stated or the amount of the account, whichever is the lesser. Initial consultation benefits are paid only once per person per calendar year.

Limitation of benefits

All limits are per person. In all cases where benefit payments are limited to a calendar year the period will be from 1st January to 31st December.  Please also note that product pages do not include the full detail of all services covered, and that sub-limits apply for some services.  It is recommended that you contact the fund before your treatment to check exactly what you are covered for.

Submission of claims

Members must ensure that all claims are submitted for processing within two (2) years from the date of service.

30-day Cooling Off Period

Changed your mind? You have a 30-day cooling off period from the commencement date of your cover to change your mind or your cover choice. This allows you to review your cover and be sure you have made the right decision.

If you cancel your membership during the 30-day cooling off period, you will receive a full refund of any premiums you have paid as long as we haven’t processed and paid any claims during that period. If Phoenix Health have paid you a claim, premiums will only be refunded from the day after the date of service.

If you’re already a member and change your level of cover, then change your mind, you can revert back to the previous cover level held within the 30-day cooling off period.

Additional Information

Still have questions? Give our Member Service Team a call on 1800 028 817 or email us at [email protected]; we’re happy to help.