Explore Open and Private Health care in Adelaide

Health care is one of the single largest expenses of the Australian government. Health related expenses made up around 10% of the GDP in 2007-08, and that number is expected to continue to grow due to an aging population. Given the rising costs, the government has begun to encourage Australians to switch to private health care in Adelaide and all around the nation. There are two private health care groups for individuals to purchase from: Not-for-profit health funds and for-profit health funds.

The distinction between these two models is that the not-for-profit funds have no shareholders, or others attempting to earn money from health care in Adelaide. The goal of these funds is to provide the maximum level of care for the lowest possible prices. Many of these funds are specialised and are only available to a small subset of the population. For example, steel workers have the option to purchase health care from specific providers that only insure those employed in the steel industry.

For-profit health funds are designed to make profits to their stakeholders. While this is good for those making the profits, the downside for members is that the premiums are generally higher and the return in benefit is often less.

Before making a final decision regarding your care providers it is important to fully research what is available to you. Check within your industry to see if there is a not-for-profit health funds available, and compare prices of open funds if not.