Obtain Private Health care in NSW to Avoid Higher Taxes

There are a wide variety of health care options available to Australian citizens. Health care in NSW is offered through both public and private hospitals. The public health care system has a wide spread of public hospitals in the state and a plethora of health centres, ambulance stations and ancillary care facilities designed to provide a total health package. Unfortunately, the number of people needing care keeps these units fully occupied and long wait times has come to be the norm across the country. Due to the rising costs for public health care in NSW and the increasing large government challenge to successfully meet the needs of the public, private health care is an attractive offer to many. The government also offer Private Health Insurance members a variety of incentives to encourage people to buy into private health care.

Many people may be concerned at the cost when first shopping for premiums, but a closer comparison is warranted. The Medicare levy is charged at 1.5% of an individual’s income. This amount is charged to all Australian Tax payers and contributes to the cost of the Public system in Australia. Those earning over the ‘high-income’ threshold are also required to pay an additional Medicare Levy surcharge in taxes. This can represent a total cost far in excess of the price of premiums for private health care options, depending on your income.

When shopping for Private Health Insurance, it is important to carefully compare options to find the one that offers both quality and affordability. Often people will purchase Private Health Insurance based on a cheap policy price, and in doing this, quality can often be forgotten.

If you wait to consider your options until you are in your late 30s, the additional Lifetime Health Cover Loadings on premiums can negatively affect your final price. Therefore, it is best for people to begin the process of shopping for their health care options as soon as possible.