Public Health Care in Sydney Does Not Meet All Quality Guidelines Established

Obtaining quality health care in Sydney and other densely populated areas is a much less complicated problem than it would be in more rural areas. Sydney has several public hospitals to choose from, though the type of care you need can impact which facilities are best for your treatment. While the Public health care in Sydney does a fantastic job at servicing the needs of millions of people, the standard of care and waiting period times provided by Private hospitals, particularly for elective surgery is often said to be of higher quality.

Public health care in Sydney is less expensive than private care, the level of service can be dramatically different. Also, while all hospital costs are covered through Medicare, general practitioners and specialist visits will still incur an out of pocket expense for patients. While Private patients also have to pay for General Practitioners and specialist visits just like everyone else, privately insured members can also choose from a vast range of further options given to them by General Practitioners and Specialists.

The government provides financial assistance in providing a Government rebate which can be claimed towards the cost of Private Health Insurance. Currently, the government offers a rebate of up to 38.72% on health care premiums. This has helped to make private health care a cost effective option for many individuals, couples and families.