Opt in Now to Have Affordable Private Health Care as You Age

As people age, their health becomes more of an increasing concern. Maintaining mobility and keeping up with activity levels is something that people have a vested interest in. Seeing a doctor regularly becomes more important, and staying healthy and active becomes more of a priority.

The public system provides health services to the general public, but there are some down sides to public health, particularly for the elderly. While a younger person typically may be able to wait for treatment, elderly patients generally have higher risk factors and need faster treatment. They also often want to be able to see their doctor of choice. Private health care offers patients the option to seek care at a wide variety of facilities.

Getting access to the highest possible level of care becomes of greater concern to those that will probably spend some time in the hospital each year. When you are facing the possibility of frequent and extended hospital stays, the availability of a private room becomes more desirable. Therefore, choosing a private health care option can be of great assistance to the elderly.

It is wise to purchase Health Insurance earlier in life based on the Governments Lifetime Health Cover Loading legislation. Based on this legislation, the Government forces private health insurers to charge an additional 2% on top of the overall policy price for each year you are aged over 30 (capped at 70%).