A Private Health Cover in Sydney Makes Both Health and Financial Sense

In Australia, roughly 50% of the population are purchasing some form of Health Insurance policy. There are also many people from all areas in Australia, including Sydney, that believe that the public system is sufficient for their health cover needs. While the Public hospital system serves a very good purpose, the attractive benefits and features of a private health cover in Sydney have already pushed over 43% of the populace into the Private Hospital system. While the Medicare system provides immediate care for emergency procedures at no cost, Private Health Insurance can offer far superior care at a time when the Public system offers little options. Also, while the Medicare levy of 1.5% is charged to all Australian Tax payers (excluding low income earners), the additional Medicare Levy Surcharge  can be avoided by high income earners. If you earn over $90,000 (based on 2014 rates) as a single in a financial year, the additional 1% levy will be automatically assessed and deducted through your income tax. This can be avoided though, if you have a private health cover in Sydney. At 1% of your total income, it may be less expensive to pay for a private health cover than it is to pay the 1% in additional tax. In additional to this, you have the added incentive of receiving a large range of Extras benefits along with additional health care options if you ever need them.

For those in a high income bracket, making the switch is highly recommended give the potential savings combined with better service. However, even those in a lower income bracket can find significant benefit in purchasing Private Health Insurance. Benefit can also be found through the large range of Extras Benefits that can ease the cost of annual dental checkups, upgrading of glasses and injury care through services like Physiotherapy and Chiropractic.