Public System Waiting Times with Private Health insurance in NSW

Finding the funding to continue to update the public health care system in New South Wales is a continuing issue. The government is aware of the issues facing the Medicare system in NSW and is attempting to address care problems like the delays on schedule surgeries, but it is a slow process, given the precarious funding.

Millions of dollars are being added to the budget to help decrease wait times, but with an aging population the demand is growing faster than the service plan. The increasing costs for the Medicare system have pushed the government to start several initiatives designed to encourage citizens to purchase private health insurance in NSW. Cost versus care is the basic comparison when looking at private and public health care.

Private health insurance in NSW is available from a number of sources. There are several for profit companies that offer insurance, but the premium costs are often much higher than the not-for-profit alternative. Those that work in the steel industry have access to a mutual not-for-profit health fund that offers top coverage at low prices. The  rebate subsidy offered by the government for private health premiums brings the prices down even more.