Welcome to Newcastle’s own health fund

Would you rather be covered by a multinational for-profit health fund or a local not-for-profit like Phoenix Health, who exist for the benefit of their members? Originally a private health fund for the Newcastle Steelworks, Phoenix Health have been looking after the health of Newcastle for over 65 years. We’re now open to everyone; you could say we’re Newcastle’s best kept secret!

Join and mention HUNTERhunter before 30 April, and you’ll get a month free and dinner on us! Scroll down to find out more.1

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Not your average health fund

Take a look at some of the ways we work hard to give you a better experience.
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Ending the Swipe & Hope

Do you actually know how much you get back for treatment and services with your extras cover? With our set percentage benefits, you’ll always swipe with confidence knowing what you’ll get back.

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Stay with the provider you love

We know you want choice. Which is why with our extras cover we don’t lock you into preferred providers – you get the same great benefits no matter who you choose to treat you.

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The same good stuff and then some more

Pay nothing for preventative dental, get full ambulance cover and Australia-wide benefits. Plus everyday savings on some of Australia’s biggest brands while supporting the community with our unique Shop.Save.Support program.

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A month free and dinner’s on us!

Health insurance is a big deal, and it’s a personal decision. If you’re not happy with your current health fund, or just prefer to be covered by a local health fund owned by members, join Phoenix Health – we’ll give you one month free and a digital Entertainment Book for the Newcastle area.

Use the promo code HUNTERhunter when you join combined hospital and extras or hospital only cover.1

Switching funds? Breaking up doesn’t have to be hard, we’ll handle the transfer for you and honour any waiting periods you’ve already served.2

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New to private health insurance?

One of the most common questions we get asked is “I’m fit and healthy, why do I need cover?” Well, we’re glad you asked.

Skipping waiting lists and more choice are just two reasons people choose to take out and maintain private health insurance.

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5 reasons to get hospital cover

Wherever you are in life; be it landing a dream job or thinking about a family, a penchant for adventure or just like to have all your bases covered, hospital cover is a smart decision – especially if you’re under 30.

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1 Click here for terms and conditions. 2 For more information about waiting periods for new and transferring members, see the Phoenix Health Waiting Periods flyer.

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