Why Choose a Restricted Health Fund for Medical Insurance in Newcastle?

Not everyone has a restricted mutual not-for-profit health fund available to them, but for those that do, it is the best option for medical insurance in Newcastle. The choice between Medicare and Private Insurance has always been a cost vs. benefit analysis. The individual must look at the potential out of pocket costs for not obtaining a private hospital cover, and decide accordingly. The potential cost of a private hospital stay without Private Health Insurance is tremendous, and in situations where individuals need immediate care but are put on an elective public waiting list, sometimes this is the only option. In this situation, out of pocket expenses for not being insured can be quite large. While Medicare will still cover 75% of the schedule of benefits allowable fee for services rendered at a private hospital, the remaining 25% is still an intimidating figure for many people.

With private medical insurance in Newcastle, patients get peace of mind, knowing that their hospital cover is accepted at all public and many private facilities. In Newcastle, there are a number of Not for Profit health funds that offer fantastic network of Hospital and Doctor contracts. Because all income is re-invested directly into patient care, these funds tend to offer the best value. Large coverage networks, a holistic approach to health care and phenomenal customer service are just a few of the benefits of not-for-profit health funds. Other private insurance options usually charge a higher premium for services as member benefits are often not seen as a top priority, with shareholders being top priority.