No Wait Surgeries and Increased Patient Control with Private Medical Insurance in Sydney

It’s becoming increasingly more common that if you are a public patient, in a public hospital you can unfortunately see some lengthy delays on procedures and services you require care for. This, along with many other reasons, is an important reason to consider Private Health Insurance. Being a member of a Private Health Fund can significantly reduce your waiting period time depending on your procedure and providing you have the appropriate level of cover.

Another big advantage of being a member of a health fund is that you have access to many private hospitals in Sydney and around the country, giving you access to more doctors and specialists to choose from.

Many people express concern about making the switch from public to private health care. The financial aspect is the biggest concern usually expressed. However, the addition of government initiatives, like the Medicare Levy Surcharge and Lifetime Health Loadings can help those ease into purchasing Private Health Insurance. The government helps address those financial concerns by providing a rebate off the the cost of private hospital and extras cover in Sydney, and all over Australia. This rebate is means tested depending your income and age and the rebate can be as much as 38.72%.