When it comes to health insurance, it’s hard to know who to trust to cover you and your family. There are so many funds to choose from, and it’s hard to know exactly where the right policy option for you can be found..

Some funds are run to benefit their shareholders, who demand profits and a return on their investment – no matter what it takes. Others are overseas-owned, which means profits go offshore. These funds are using you and your health as a profit centre.

Members Own Health Funds (MOHF) is a brand that reflects quality and a primary focus on members, rather than profits. MOHF represents the quality in Health Insurance that Australians should expect (but don’t always receive) from their Health Insurers.

Phoenix Health Fund is a Members Own Health Fund.
All Members Own Health Funds are Australian owned and operated – they don’t have investors or overseas owners. They exist to provide more premium dollars back to you and your family in benefits. On the other hand, household name insurance companies like Medibank, AHM, and nib are driven by investors to maximise the profits they can extract from you, and Bupa returns profits to its overseas owners.

Phoenix Health Fund treats people like people, not profit centres.
Members Own Health Funds have members, not policy holders. And because Members Own funds exist to benefit members, profits are reinvested to provide better health benefits and better service to members and their families.

Phoenix Health Fund gives more back to members.
Over the past five years, Members Own Health Funds have collectively given a higher percentage of premiums back to members in benefits than Medibank, AHM, nib and Bupa combined. More of your premium dollar comes back to you in benefits.

Phoenix Health Fund give members better service.
Over the past five financial years, Members Own Health Funds have collectively had higher member retention rates of 2+ years and lower rates of complaints to the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman compared with Medibank, AHM, nib and Bupa combined.

Phoenix Health Fund is confident that you’ll be satisfied (along with 97% of our membership in the last member satisfaction survey) with the products and service that we offer our members.

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Owned by Members, for the benefit of Members

Join a health fund that listens to their Members and pays more in benefits.

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