Do you know whether you are covered for Ambulance services if you need to call upon one?



You may not have thought too much about it, but the concerning fact is that while many assume Ambulance is covered free of charge, Ambulance services are actually not a covered under Medicare.  This means if you haven’t organised coverage for yourself and you do end up using an Ambulance, you’ll be responsible for the bill that will follow your trip.

So how much does an Ambulance service cost if I don’t have cover?

Ambulance services work differently depending on where you live across Australia. If you live in Queensland or Tasmania, you don’t actually need to do anything, as your state government have organised coverage through the taxes you pay in your state.   For all other residents of the remaining States and Territories, you are responsible for any Ambulance fees charged to you for Ambulance services used.  The only exception to this rule is some pension and health card holders may be exempt from these charges.

Take a look at how much your State of Territories Emergency Ambulance services minimum charges are if you do not have Ambulance coverage.

State Minimum charge (treatment and transport)
NSW $372 Plus $3.35 per kilometre.
SA $955 Plus $5.50 per kilometre
WA $949
VIC $1,204
ACT $936 Plus $12 per kilometre for every kilometre travelled outside of ACT
NT $360 Plus $5.10 per kilometre

The good news for all Phoenix Members is that you’re covered for medically necessary Ambulance services as part of your Membership with us.

Phoenix Health Fund has simplified the confusion around exactly what is covered around Ambulance services:  If you’re a Member with us, we’ll cover you for medically necessary Ambulance services.  This includes non-Emergency Ambulance service coverage too, which is something that most Health Funds do not provide coverage for.

Phoenix Health Fund’s Ambulance coverage offers road services, along with air and sea too, meaning you’re covered wherever you find you need assistance in Australia.

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