Preparing to welcome a child into the world is just the beginning of a new stage in your life – a stage that’s exciting but can also bring some challenges and adjustments too.

At Phoenix Health, our members trust us with their health and wellbeing through all stages of life, and with this in mind, we have created the Phoenix Health Hatchling Program.

We believe that support and guidance in the early stages of parenthood is so important, so you can relax into your new role as a parent and enjoy your time with your baby.

The Hatchling Program will provide you with ongoing personal support from the time you learn you’re pregnant all the way through to the first 8 weeks of your baby’s life.

The program includes services such as:

  • 2 gap-free mid wife consultations
  • Post-natal advice on a range of topics
  • Baby development and what to expect
  • First aid for babies
  • General parenting support

When you enrol in the program you will receive access to an experienced midwife, a login to the Mother Nurture website that provides you with information and ongoing support, a First Aid E-course, a gift bag with a few special items for you and your baby, the choice of electronic and over-the-phone support to suit your schedule as well as counselling services.

The Hatchling Program is available to all Phoenix Health members who hold hospital cover. You can enrol in the Hatchling Program by simply completing the Enrolment Form and posting or emailing it to us, the details are included on the form.

Phoenix Health supporting expecting parents through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Given the current restrictions, we are aware that several support services and classes usually available to expectant parents may have ceased.

To ensure members have access to all the support they need, we’ve extended the services available in the Hatchling Program to include pre- and post-natal services that would normally be offered by your hospital or health care provider.

To register for the Hatchling Program or to access these additional services, email the Phoenix Health Midwife Donna Mansell at

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