Private Health Care in Adelaide is available through Not-for-Profit Health Funds

While hospital coverage is available to all in Australia, there are big benefits for those who have or are looking to purchase private health insurance through a mutual not-for-profit fund. Firstly, the advantages of the Private Health Care system become apparent if you ever need a procedure and you don’t need to spend as much time (if any) on a Medicare waiting list, waiting to be treated. As well as this, as a private patient you have more choices of doctors and hospitals at a time when you are in need. Private hospitals in Adelaide often offer some of the highest possible standards of care. For people with Priovate Health Insurance, these hospitals are an option.

But who do your choose to take care of your health insurance needs? There are many funds out there and most people only know about the funds that have large, expensive marketing campaigns on TV and social media. You may want to consider using a mutual not-for-profit health fund to provide your health care coverage. The ajor advantages of these funds is that they generally offer better service, more affordable products and are easier to communicate with. All this gives members more confidence knowing that they being looked out for by a fund that exists only to benefit members.

Many funds are a part of the hirmaa group of funds. This group of funds have common values that make them a unique and genuine alternative to bigger for profit funds.Phoenix health fund is a mutual, not-for-profit health fund that offers great value health insurance for members in Adelaide and all over the country. Phoenix helps reduce and even eliminate out of pocket expenses for its members by participating in the Access Gap Cover Scheme, created by the Australian Health Service Alliance.