Find the Best Private Health Care in Newcastle Using Not for Profit Health Funds

Finding the right health fund is an important concern for many people but members are often very hesitant to switch funds because of some common misconceptions or they are too busy to look into switching funds. Luckily though, switching health funds can actually be a very simple step, as your new Health Insurer can handle the transition on your behalf, and any waiting period’s originally served on your previous cover will be waived with your new fund.

For those in Newcastle and around the country, there are many local not-for-profit health funds such as Phoenix Health Fund that are different to the big funds and switching is really easy. Once common misconception is that when you switch health insurance providers you have to re-serve all you waiting period. This is not true. Your new fund will recognise any previous waiting periods serve with your prior fund and in most cases, they will actually get in touch with your previous fund and arrange the transfer on your behalf.

Did you know that mutual, not-for-profit health funds also offer the same, if not better coverage as the big for-profit fund that you often see advertising on TV. Not-for-profit funds also have the added peace of mind that they are only seeking the best care for members, because earnings go back into benefits for members and not into shareholder returns.