The Australian Government Encourages Private Health Care in NSW

Many individuals are or have already taken up Private Health Insurance. The costs of takingup private health insurance are significantly reduced due to the Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance being introduced. The rebate entitles members to claim a reduction on costs of private health insurance premiums depending on a member income and age.

The Government offers incentives for purchasing Private Health Insurance as a way to encourage people to take responsibility of their own health As Medicare can’t cover Australians for everything and often restricts your ability to choose your own doctor and Hospital, Private Health Insurance is a great way to ensure you have peace of mind for your individual health needs.

Tailoring your Hospital and Extras packages and considering adding an excess to you health care cover is a great way to further reduce you premiums. Adding the benefit of the Government Rebate offered to those in NSW and around the country also helps too.

Many health insurance providers offer basic, mid and top hospital cover with the option of adding an excess if you are admitted. These excesses often have a limit per year to ensure that a member in need doesn’t significantly increase their out of pocket expenses if they are admitted into hospital a few times in a year. Some Health Insurance providers will also include a co-payment but this is less common.

You can also further reduce your health insurance premiums by evaluating the level of extras cover you need. Most funds will offer basic, mid and top extras packages for you to choose from in order to find your perfect match hospital and extras cover.