Get Top Private Health Cover in Sydney

Obtaining a Private Health Cover in Sydney gives individuals access to all public hospitals as well as a network of private hospital facilities. This means if you are located in Sydney having private health insurance allows you to have access to more doctors and hospitals. Additionally if you have an Extras cover you always can claim benefits at a wide range of service providers such as dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, podiatrists and much more in Sydney or your local area.

Australians can further increase their chance of having their choice of hospital and doctor on contract by choosing a health fund that is part of the Australian Health Service Alliance (AHSA) such as Phoenix Health Fund and many other not for profit health funds.Being with a fund such that is a part of the AHSA means your fund will likely pay more back on your behalf and help reduce or even eliminate any hospital out of pocket expenses providing your doctor in on contract with the AHSA. The good news is the AHSA have more doctors and hospitals on contract than many of the larger funds.

For those that are not familiar, a mutual not-for-profit Health Fund offers health care to members and re-invests profits back into member benefits. Where for-profit companies must answer to stakeholders and earn a reasonable profit margin, the not-for-profit health funds are only responsible to their members. According to independently conducted research, the customers of 11 Hirmaa not-for-profit and member-owned health insurers are amongst the most satisfied health insurance members in the country (Discovery Research 2006-2017).