Obtain Private Health Insurance in Newcastle to Avoid Added Expenses

The Australian health care system can sometimes be hard to understand due to the integrated public and private system. Medicare covers patients in the public system but if you are looking at having a procedure in the Private system or you want complete peace of mind for your health, then you may want to consider purchasing Private Health Insurance.

There are other benefits to joining a health fund. Everybody has to pay 1.5% of their income toward the Medicare Levy. Higher income earners are also then required to pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge. If high income earners obtain Private Hospital Health Insurance in Newcastle or anywhere in Australia though, they can avoid this additional Medicare Levy Surcharge.

The Medicare Levy and Medicare Levy surcharge is Australian Tax generated to pay for the expenses created in the public health care system. To minimise that cost, the government started three initiatives to encourage people to seek private covers.

The government currently subsidises private health premiums. They can help reduce of the cost of private coverage, making it much more affordable for the average individual. Another initiative that the government has begun is called Lifetime Health Cover Loadings. This legislation encourages people to purchase Health Insurance before their 31st birthday so the can maintain lower Health Insurance prices. And finally, The Medicare levy surcharge only affects high income earners by charging these individuals an additional tax if they choose to not purchase Private Hospital cover.