Exploring Private Health Insurance in NSW

For those interested in purchasing private health insurance in NSW, there are two main options. There are for profit Health Insurers, and then there are not for profit Health Insurers. All of the options provide private health insurance in NSW, however, choosing the best options for your family can be difficult. It’s sometimes hard to look past the larger health funds that advertise on TV but did you know that there are many not for profit health insurers that could be offering you more affordable health insurance and potentially bigger benefits?

Once you look past the big health insurance companies with big marketing budgets, you will find many different Private Health Insurance companies with good reviews. Many of these providers are not for profit health funds. This means they are not governed by shareholder expectations and all proceeds are reinvested to provide the best possible benefits to members. Additionally, because some of these companies are industry health funds such as Phoenix Health Fund, you may receive exclusive entitlements just by being involved in specific industries.

When you are looking for Private Health Insurance in NSW, you may want to make sure your Private Health Insurance provider covers you at your local private hospital. Many not for profit funds are a part of the Australian Health Service Alliance meaning if you become a member, your health fund has more doctors and hospitals on contract than many of the larger funds.

Switching health funds is easy too; in most cases you simply join your new fund online or by contacting the fund directly and your new health insurance fund will contact your previous fund on your behalf to arrange the transfer. If you are unsure about switching health funds you can always ask your health fund for a side by side comparison to help you compare which health fund will work for you or your family best.