Finding Affordable Private Health Insurance in Sydney

Whether you are a family looking for top private health insurance or a single looking for basic private health insurance, you have great options available to you with Private Health Insurance in Sydney. Not-for-profit Health Funds like Phoenix Health Fund offer affordable and competitive rates. Phoenix is a not-for-profit health fund meaning they exist solely to serve the needs of their members. When you choose a Private Health Cover, you should consider looking for a company that has great rates and offers a network of doctors and hospitals for you to use. Some may question the value of Private Health Insurance in Sydney. The answer to this question can be found in three parts.

With private coverage, you gain access to some of the best facilities in the country and if you are a member of a fund that is part of the Australian Health Service alliance then you are a member of a fund with more doctors and hospitals on contract than many of the bigger funds.

Second, the Medicare Surcharge levy can be an expensive price for not carrying private Hospital coverage. Avoid the additional tax by simply purchasing a Private Hospital cover with a Health Insurer.

Third, the Australian government offers a rebate for Private Health premiums. While the total price of a policy can be somewhat pricey, the additional rebates which deduct from the full price of a policy provide greater access and affordability of Health Insurance to all Australians.

You can join private health insurance easily by joining online. Alternatively you can join a health fund by contacting the fund directly.