The Myths about Private health insurance

There are many myths that are commonly accepted about private health insurance. One common myth is that private insurance is only for the wealthy.

Private health insurance allows members to choose a level of cover that suits their needs but also their budgets too. Because Health Insurers understand that affordability can be an issue for many, Insurers offer flexibility in tailoring hospital and extras policies.

On top of this, Government Rebates, which offer a reduction in the cost of Health Insurance, can help all Australians to find coverage to suit their needs.

Another myth is that switching funds is difficult and you have to re-serve waiting periods when you start with your new fund. Switching funds is actually simple and easy as in most cases, your new health fund will contact your previous health fund to advise of the switch for you. All waiting periods you have served with your previous fund will also be recognised in full by your new fund.

We often hear in the media about fewer locations and less resources available in the public health care system, Private Health Insurance gives member peace of mind knowing that they can be covered by a doctor of their choice. When timing is critical, Private Health Insurance members can access the Private system to access shorter wait times for procedures too.