2020 Product and Pricing Changes

Like any product or service, from time to time health insurance funds must review their products as the cost of medical technology and hospital expenses increase. In 2020 Phoenix Health is pleased to share that we have been able to keep the average premium adjustment to a minimal 3.10%; an adjustment lower than several large for-profit funds.* We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about product and pricing change period in the link below.

By early March all members will have received their premium and pricing adjustment notification which will outline any changes effective 1 April 2020.
Don’t forget you can view your level of cover and all included services and limits at any time via the Phoenix Health Online Member Service (OMS) portal on the website or by downloading the Phoenix Health App from the App Store or Google Play.

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2019 in numbers

While we can’t control external health costs, we are committed to providing services and benefits that support better health outcomes for our members.
Here’s how much Phoenix Health paid out in benefits during the 2019 calendar year.

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Hospital benefits
(including admission and theatre fees)

$2,748,743 at Public Hospitals
$26,416,725 at Private Hospitals

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Medical benefits
(including doctor or specialist fees)


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General Treatment Benefits
(including dental, optical, physio and more)


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What’s changing at Phoenix Health?

We’re excited to share we’ve introduced three new extras products to put an end to the swipe and hope. With a set percentage benefit for all included services you’ll always know what you’ll get back for a treatment or service.

In order to keep our products affordable for members, we’ve made some changes to the way benefits are paid for Private Patients in Public Hospitals. Click the link below to find out more.

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Why have private health insurance?

Reducing your waiting time for surgery and having more choice, are just two reasons people choose to take out and maintain private health insurance with Phoenix Health.

But did you know that not having hospital cover can end up costing you more? Even if you’re fit and healthy, there’s plenty to gain from keeping you and your family covered.

Why have cover?

Why choose Phoenix Health?

It doesn’t get more personal than your health and the health of your family. So when it comes to choosing a health fund to be there with you, it makes sense to choose Phoenix Health who won’t let you get lost in the crowd.

Lisa Grice, our Member Service Manager, explains some of the great benefits of choosing a local and not-for-profit health fund like Phoenix Health.

Why Phoenix Health?

*Source: The Department of Health