Spring into action

Winter gives many of us the excuse to slip into a slumber, feast on warm comfort foods and possibly forget our fitness routines.

If you’re guilty of some of these indulgences, don’t worry – this season, it’s all about fresh starts. ‘Spring’ into action with these four top lifestyle and well-being tips.

Get a health check-up
Bring your focus back to health for spring, setting up an appointment with your Doctor or natural health practitioner to ensure everything is a-okay.

If your comfort-eating during winter has caused your digestive health to go a little haywire, you may be advised to add health supplements such as probiotics to your diet.

Use this season as a time to also get your teeth checked, making sure sweet treats haven’t caused a buildup of bacteria that can cause tooth decay and early gum disease.

Clear out your wardrobe and pantry
Found that you’re not able to fit your new fitness gear into your wardrobe? Well, then it must be time to clear out those heavy jumpers, coats and jeans to make way for your new clothing!

If the clothes don’t fit, don’t keep ’em! Hoarding garments just takes up more space, so think about holding a clothes swap with friends or selling them online.

To help you with your healthy eating habits, clear the chocolate biscuits, sweets jar and dessert treats out of your cupboards.

Renew your fitness routine
It’s time to head back outdoors, so instead of sweating away on a gym treadmill, pick a park and pound the pavement!

This is the perfect time to get your summer shape-up plan sorted. Start organising it now to give you ample time to tone up.

Stock up on seasonal fruits and veggies
Eat fresh this spring, filling your fridge and pantry with seasonal foods. Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and grapefruits are big this season, so stock up while you can.

Vegetables that are in season include beetroot, artichoke, fennel, asparagus, peas, rhubarb, silverbeet, spinach, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

So spring into action, get yourself organised and enjoy springtime, summer is just around the corner!

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