Not sure if your health insurer is offering you the returns you deserve?  In the latest Private Health Insurance Ombudsman’s report, Phoenix Health Fund returned a whopping 5.3% more back in benefits to members (91.8%), when compared with the industry average of 86.5.

It’s never been a better time to make the switch and join Phoenix Health Fund.


How to switch

Switching from your current provider is easier than ever.  Once you’ve made the decision to make the change, Phoenix Health Fund can step in and sort out your transfer by getting in touch with your current provider on your behalf.  Easy!

To make the switch either:

  • Join up on our online application section on the website.  As part of the application, you will be asked whether or not you are currently (or previously) purchasing a policy with another Health insurer. Enter your previous fund details include health insurer name, membership number and cover type.
  • Fill in a manual ‘transfer from another fund’ transfer certificate and send it in to us; OR
  • Request a transfer certificate directly from your current Health Insurer.

Once Phoenix Health Fund has received your request, we will then contact your provider on your behalf (so no awkward breakup call needed) and sort out the appropriate paperwork for you.


Switching and waiting periods

Many people aren’t aware that should you wish to from one Health Insurer to another, you won’t need to reserve the waiting periods that you’ve already served with your new Health insurer.  This is called Health Insurance portability.

There are a few rules that do apply in transferring from one fund to another that do need to be considered:

  • No waiting periods will apply for services to which waiting periods have already been served.
  • No waiting periods will apply if you transfer a cancelled policy within 2 months of ceasing that cover.
  • The transfer certificate given to Phoenix (either through our efforts on your behalf or directly by you) confirms that your current cover has had these waiting periods served.


Waiting periods can apply even when your current policy covers the same items as your new Phoenix cover when:


  • You have not made a claim on your current policy and the Phoenix cover that you are transferring to contains higher overall limits.  In this situation, Phoenix Health Fund will be unable to pay the difference between your lower level of cover and the higher Phoenix level of cover until the Phoenix waiting period has been served.
    For example, if your current cover offers optical benefits set at $250, and you transfer to a Phoenix cover that offers $300 dollars for Optical, you will only be able to claim $250 with Phoenix until the full Optical waiting period (applicable for a higher level of cover) with Phoenix is served.  After this waiting period is served, you can claim the remaining $50 within the same calendar year.
  • You have made a claim on your current policy and the Phoenix cover that you are transferring to contains higher benefits.  In this situation, your claims usage will be carried over to your Phoenix cover for the remaining part of the calendar year.


For more information on making the switch, contact the Phoenix Health Fund office on 1800 028 817.