Are you ready to join Phoenix Health?

You’ve discovered the best kept secret in Private Health Insurance and have decided to make the switch to Phoenix Health, but where do you go from here and what do you need to know?

Breaking up with your current health insurer is easy – we do all the work for you and are here to make the transition super easy for you!

Step One: Join Phoenix Health

You can get your membership started by completing an online Membership Application, or give us a call on 1800 028 817 and one of our Membership Specialists can set up your membership over the phone.

During the application process we will ask for your previous Health Insurance details and ask your permission to contact them on your behalf to organise your transfer over to Phoenix Health.

Step Two: Understanding your Clearance Certificate and Waiting Periods

Once we have your authorisation, we will contact your previous health insurer, advise that you have joined Phoenix Health to organise your cancellation and to obtain a copy of your Clearance Certificate (or Transfer Certificate).

Your Clearance Certificate will confirm your previous health insurance history, including information about Government Incentives and Surcharges like Lifetime Health Cover, Government Rebate and Age-Based Discount eligibility.

Switching Funds and Waiting Periods – not everyone is aware that should you wish to switch from one Health Insurer to another, you won’t be penalised – we will honour any waiting periods that you have
served with your previous fund. This means that you won’t have to re-serve any waiting periods for equivalent cover!

There are a few things to remember about waiting periods when you switch between funds, and a few situations when waiting periods could be applied including:

  • Where you have had a break in cover of 30 days or more between cancelling your previous cover and joining Phoenix Health, full waiting periods will apply;
  • If you upgrade your cover when you join Phoenix Health, waiting periods will apply to any upgrade in benefits or services – but while you are within your upgrade waits, you will be able to claim benefits at your previous level of cover;
  • If you haven’t fully served your waiting periods with your previous Health Insurer, when you join Phoenix Health on an equivalent level of cover, you will only have to serve the remainder of your waits – you won’t have to start your waiting periods again.

Switching Funds and Claiming – when you transfer between funds, any benefits or limits you have used in the current calendar year will count towards your remaining benefits and limits on your new cover at Phoenix Health. There are some situations where a service has a lifetime limit or a multiple year limit – these will also be transferred between health funds and count towards your new limits and benefits.

Step 3: Know we’re here for you

Health insurance is a big deal, but it shouldn’t feel daunting. Our priority is looking after our members, and ensuring you have the most personal health insurance experience with us.

So if at any time you have any questions about your membership, claiming your benefits, or you have a planned hospital admission coming up, get in touch with us – we are here to help!

Need help making the switch? Call us on 1800 028 817 – we’d be happy to help you.