Is ‘Baby Brain’ a real thing?

You’ve likely heard many mothers referring to “Baby Brain” but is “Baby Brain” actually a real thing? If you are asking the question to Deakin University, they are likely to say yes. The Deakin University is currently conducting a study (as noted in the medical journal of Australia) which reveals that some pregnant woman do

Industry-wide price increase – Everything you need to know

Following confirmation of PHI rates increases by the Minister of Health and the changes to the Government rebate, we will be updating our system accordingly as soon as possible. Once our system information is updated, we will be advising each Member as quickly as possible what their premium will be via email or post. We

Phoenix Health & Members Own Health Fund

Phoenix Health Fund is proudly part of the Members Own Health Fund group. Members Own Health Funds (Members Own) is a brand that reflects quality and a primary focus on members, rather than creating profits.  This is exactly what Phoenix Health Fund stands for too, and why we are a part of the Members Own brand.

Bigger isn’t always better…

Bigger isn’t always better… ….and that’s certainly the case when it comes to private health insurance. In fact a recent AMA Private Health Insurance Report Card published on March 17, shows that insurers with the highest average benefits were not-for-profit, community based and member-owned funds. The AMA’s Report Card adds to the mounting evidence that

We’re Member Owned and proud of it – Members own health fund

Phoenix Health Fund is a Member Owned Health Fund, who for over 60 years has continued to offer its members with quality and affordable Private Health Insurance. Phoenix Health Fund is a Mutual not for profit Private Health Insurer. This means that the fund is structured to have our members as our number one focus.

Phoenix Health Fund is for members, not profits.

Phoenix Health Fund is a Mutual not for profit organisation, which means we don’t pay shareholders and earnings go back into member benefits. Operating as a not-for-profit ensures that our members are receiving a better deal than industry standards. Our priority is to ensure our members and their families lead healthy and happy lives. We