Tax time

Many of our members have already received their 2015/16 Tax Statements via email last Friday. For members who do not have their email addresses listed with the fund, the fund has sent your Tax statement out in the mail earlier this week.
Did you also know you can access your 2015/16 Tax Statement, as well as previous years using Online Member Services (OMS)? Simply log in to OMS and you will find ‘Tax Statements’ under the Useful Tools section.

Why should you register for online member services?

OMS gives you access to your membership 24/7. To give you some examples of some of the great things you can do on Online Member Services, see our list below.

  • Update your contact details
  • Review and change you policy
  • Check your paid to date
  • Make a Payment
  • Change your direct debit and credit details
  • Add a person
  • Change your Rebate Entitlement
  • View you benefits history


Plus much more!


To register for Online Member Services (OMS) follow this link.

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