At Phoenix Health our number one priority is the health of our members and we are continually reviewing and improving the benefits we offer, to ensure that not only our members’ wellbeing is looked after, but also that they can experience real value from their membership.

Here’s five ways we’re working hard to support our members:

1. Percentage-based extras benefits

Making the most of your private health insurance is all about knowing what you’re covered for. When we asked potential members of Phoenix Health what benefits they had, the consensus was they didn’t really know, that they just “swiped and hoped.”

We would rather our members swipe with confidence and know exactly what they will get back for a treatment or service, which is why we’ve introduced percentage-based extras benefits. All levels include benefits for gap free preventative dental and emergency and non-emergency ambulance.*

View our range of percentage-based extras covers.

Did you know? Gap free preventative dental is available to everyone on the membership, not just the kids!

2. More choice with new hospital cover options

Thanks to member feedback, in addition to percentage-based extras covers, we’ve added to our range of hospital covers and introduced additional excess options.

We make it easier to find a cover to suit your current life stage – for example, have you finished having children? Choose Silver Everyday Hospital which covers the essentials an established family would commonly need cover for without paying for pregnancy. Maybe you’d like a budget-friendly cover but still want the added peace of mind that comes with cardiac cover? Choose Bronze Plus Hospital with Heart.

A wider range of excess options gives even more flexibility and affordability to our hospital cover. To reduce the cost of your premiums without compromising your level of cover, select a higher excess option.

Check out the full range of Hospital Cover

Did you know? Kids under 25 never pay excess or co-payments.

3. Personal service, that’s well… personal

Having looked after the health of members for over 65 years, you could say we’re the best kept secret in private health insurance! We have always been and still are not-for-profit which means our priority is our members, not profits.

Our team are always ready for a chat and will make sure your queries are resolved as quickly as possible. We are always looking for ways to support our members,
including implementing an additional range of services and benefits to support members through the COVID-19 pandemic and provide everyday value with your membership.

Did you know? The Phoenix Health Member Service Team is located in Newcastle, New South Wales!

4. Added value at no extra cost

We know members expect value from their membership, not just when they’re unwell, which is why we’ve developed the Phoenix Health Shop.Save.Support. Program. The program gives members access to some of Australia’s biggest brands and discounts, and as a bonus, a percentage of all sales made through the site will then be donated back to your nominated charity. So, you can enjoy everyday savings while benefiting the wider community at the same time!

We’ve also partnered with Travel Card to bring members hassle free travel insurance with real-time claiming and 24/7 Global Assistance. We know most holidays are on hold right now, but when the when the restrictions are lifted our members know we’ve got them covered both here and on their adventures.

Did you know? The Phoenix Health Shop.Save.Support. Program gives you access to a huge range of eGift cards with discounts of up to 7.5%!

5. 24/7 access to your membership

With the Phoenix Health Online Member Service (OMS) Portal and the Phoenix Health App for iOS and Android you’ll always be connected to your cover.

Did you know? You can submit claims instantly with photo claiming with the Phoenix Health App.

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It’s your health after all so it’s worth spending a little extra time now to ensure you and your family’s health and wellbeing are protected for the treatments and services you need. Phoenix Health are committed to providing the best cover for members so you can be confident we’re just as invested in your wellbeing as you are.

* Benefits, limits and waiting periods apply. See individual Cover Information Sheets for full details.