Lisa Grice

When it comes to the brands and organisations we love most, the reasons we love them aren’t just their outstanding products – it’s the beliefs they stand for and the service they provide that we value the most.

We sat down with our Member Service Manager, Lisa Grice with one simple question, why do members love Phoenix Health? And while the list was long, here’s four reasons members choose Phoenix Health as their personal health insurance fund.

1. We’re not-for-profit

“We can hear you saying, ‘so what?’ But this really drives the core of our business,” explains Lisa. “Being not-for-profit means we don’t have to pay dividends to shareholders, so any premiums we receive are purely to cover running expenses and pay benefits to members; we’re here for our members first and foremost.”

2. We’re local

Phoenix Health has a rich history providing personal health insurance to the employees of the Steelworks in Newcastle. After the closure of the Steelworks, Phoenix Health became an open fund in 2015 but are still proud of our history.

“We’re the best kept secret in Newcastle – and in health insurance,” says Lisa. “We’re grateful for the loyalty and support of our long-standing members, but now as an open health fund we provide personal health insurance to members from all around Australia as well.”

This means a stronger health fund and more back to members in benefits.

3. We offer personal health insurance

“We’re members ourselves too, so we understand how important personalised service is when it comes to health insurance,” explains Lisa.

“Our member service team is based on Honeysuckle Drive in Newcastle and the chances are pretty good that you’ll speak with the same team member each time you call. This continuity and personal service is something that multinational for-profits can’t replicate and is something we’re immensely proud of and believe sets us apart from the crowd.”

“I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years and have worked in a big for-profit health fund previously and can honestly say what sets us apart is our team who really care about our members.”

4. All the good stuff and then some more

At Phoenix Health you can expect great benefits like gap free preventative dental, Australia-wide coverage and full ambulance cover. Lisa explains, “in fact, it’s better to be with a small fund like Phoenix Health because we don’t lock you into preferred providers.”

“Unlike big for-profit funds who have preferred providers or their own provider networks, with Phoenix Health the choice is yours. We believe if you love your provider, you shouldn’t have to go anywhere else just to access the highest level of benefits available on your cover.”

Our hospital covers include health management programs to support members health and wellbeing. In addition, kids never pay an excess if they’re admitted to hospital.

Here for the future

“We’ve been providing personalised private health insurance for over 65 years and are excited for the future of Phoenix Health. We look forward to you being part of our future.”

If you’d like more information about cover with Phoenix Health, check out our short video for 8 reasons to love Phoenix Health or contact the Phoenix Health team, we’re here to help.