Why Have Private Health Insurance

While there’s several motivators for taking out and maintaining private health insurance, we’ve summarised five of the most common:

1. More choice over your treatment

When you’re admitted to a hospital as a Private Patient you have the choice of doctor, surgeon and even hospital. You also have more control over when and where you have your procedure and will be treated by the same doctor throughout your hospital journey.

2. Reduce your waiting time for treatment

Public hospital waiting lists can be lengthy and patients are prioritised by matter of urgency which means you could be waiting months or even years before receiving your procedure.

3. Avoiding Government loadings and surcharges

The Australian Government has two initiatives designed to encourage people to take out and maintain cover by making private health insurance more affordable. They are:

  • Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading – for every year after your 31st birthday you will pay an additional 2% loading for every year you don’t have hospital cover. For example, if you take out hospital cover for the first time when you’re 41, you will need to pay an additional 22% on top of your premiums.
  • Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS) – in addition to the Medicare Levy that all Australians are required to pay, individuals earning over $90,000 annually and couples and families earning over $180,000 annually are required to pay a surcharge based on their income if they don’t have hospital cover.

4. Take advantage of the Age-Based Discount

Introduced in 2019 by the Australian Government, the Age-Based Discount is designed to encourage younger Australians to take out and maintain private health insurance by offering up to a 10% discount when taking out eligible hospital cover before the age of 30.

Phoenix Health has extended the government age-based discount to additional hospital covers for members under the age of 30, saving more members up to 10% on their hospital premiums. You can learn more about how the Age-Based Discount is calculated.

5. Better health, everyday

Private health insurance isn’t only for when you require a hospital admission. Phoenix Health extras cover helps with the cost of preventative services including dental check-ups, remedial massages and even healthy lifestyle benefits.*

Phoenix Health hospital cover also offers a range of health management programs, including the Diabetes Management Program, the Hatchling Program for expecting and new parents and selected chronic condition management programs. Contact the Phoenix Health Team to learn more about eligibility criteria for these programs.

Make the most of your cover

Making the most of your private health insurance is all about knowing what you’re covered for. Phoenix Health members can view their level of cover and all included services and limits at any time via the Phoenix Health OMS (Online Member Service) portal or by downloading the Phoenix Health App from the App Store or Google Play.

*Available on selected levels of cover. Limits and claiming criteria apply. See individual product information sheets for more information.


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