Why Should You Choose a Private Health Cover?

Medicare provides coverage for health related expenses, but to get the best range of options in health cover, many people turn to Private Health Insurance. Private Health Insurance offers access to an entire network of private hospitals and health care providers that are able to fit in patients without long delays. The Medicare system often has very long wait times for any procedure that could be considered elective.

Private Health Insurance also gives you further health options should you need specialised care anywhere in Australia. When an individual needs specialised care, Private Health Insurance ensures that members have the option of facilities all over the country, both local, intrastate and interstate. Plus when you factor in the tax saving implication associated with purchasing Private Health Cover along with further rebate incentives offered by the Government, it is no surprise that almost half the population has some form of private health cover.

Mutual not-for-profit health funds are by far the best options when it comes to purchasing Private Health Cover. They offer affordable private health insurance that is solely focused on the health and well-being of their members. These private health funds invest monies earned back into their company, to keep premiums low and benefits as high as possible. Some industries have private health funds that have limited enrolment. For example, the steel industry offers a health fund that only accepts those employed in the steel industry. These exclusive-access funds often offer the lowest cost for a private health cover due to their limited enrolment and not-for-profit business model.