Switch to Direct Debit!

There is no easier way to pay your contributions than via Direct Debit. Simply login to the Phoenix Health Online Member Services (OMS) Portal and update your payment details or give us a call on 1800 028 817 and we’ll do it for you!

Login to Online Member Services

How do I switch to Direct Debit?


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Register or login to the Phoenix Health Online Member Services (OMS) Portal using your Phoenix Health membership number.

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Follow the links to ‘Make a Payment’ and instead of entering your details, follow the link to set up a Direct Debit.

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Prefer to chat? Give our team a call on 1800 028 817 and we can set it up our Direct Debit over the phone – it’s that easy!

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The easiest way to pay

One of the safest and most convenient ways to pay, contributions are deducted automatically, and invoices can’t be delayed or lost so can never forget a payment or fall behind! You’re always in complete control and can update your payment frequency and method anytime using the Phoenix Health OMS Portal.

Switch to Direct Debit

We’re going digital

While you will still be able to receive communications via post and pay via Account Notice, we’d love to invite all members to switch to receiving their communications via email and paying via Direct Debit in an effort to help us be more mindful of our environment and resources. We’re committed to making managing your health insurance membership as easy as possible, by switching to electronic payments and communications mail can never be delayed or lost and payments can’t be forgotten.