As long as you add your baby to your Phoenix Health membership within 60 days of their birth, they won’t have any waiting periods – you don’t need to worry about doing this before baby arrives!

Moving from Couple to Family, or adding additional children on to your membership won’t affect the cost of your policy; however, if you currently have single cover, then there will be a change in your premium.

Once you’ve added your baby to your membership, we’ll be in touch with you to confirm the details – including if there is a change in the cost of your policy; plus, we’ll send you out a new membership card asap.

Adding your baby is easy! Head to Online Member Services or give us a call on 1800 028 817 to add the newest member of your family to your policy!

During the time you’re in hospital, you’re likely to see numerous Doctors – for example your baby’s Paediatrician.

It’s important to remember that as (in most cases) your baby is not admitted as an in-patient – their stay comes under your admission. That means the Doctors and Specialists they see during their stay are considered outpatient services and are only covered by Medicare – not your private health insurance. This means you may receive an invoice for their services, that you’ll need to claim through Medicare.

Most of the bills for the treatment you receive whilst you’re in hospital should come directly to Phoenix Health – you shouldn’t see them at all. However, it’s not that uncommon to receive the occasional invoice, so if you’re not sure whether you can claim for it or not or if it needs to go to Phoenix Health or Medicare or both – get in touch and we can help you.

We often hear the first 6 weeks post-birth referred to as the ‘fourth trimester’, due to the number of changes the body goes through, not to mention the rollercoaster of emotions we often experience.

Looking after ourselves as well as baby during this time is so important, and while you can’t claim for outpatient Specialist visits, there are other ways your health insurance has your back.

Have Extras Cover? If you hold Phoenix Health Extras Cover you may be able to claim a benefit towards allied health services that will help you in your recovery, like Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage, Chiropractic and Aids to Recovery for items like pregnancy recovery garments. You should refer to your Product Information Sheet and Phoenix Heath Member Guide to see what you’re covered for and how to claim.

The Bumps and Bubs Program is designed to support you from the time you learn you’re expecting through the first three years of your baby’s life. We want you to feel confident and supported, so you can get back to enjoying the moment with your little one. To learn more or enrol in the program simply Click Here