70 Years of Phoenix Health

On our 70th birthday, we recognise our history and the legacy created for us all those years ago by the employees of Stewart & Lloyds – they started the best little health fund in Australia! We’ve been truly touched and delighted to hear so many heart-warming stories from long term friends of Phoenix Health.

We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings of a fund that was run out of a bike shed, but one thing has remained the same; we’re owned by members, run by members, for the benefit of our members. We’re so proud of the history you’ve helped us create and are really excited for the next 70 years together at Phoenix Health.

Our Wall of Love

Read what our members had to share in celebration of our 70th birthday

Betty NSW

The best thing we ever did

My husband arrived in Australia in 1950, he started working at Stewarts & Lloyds the same year and joined the health club. We stayed with Phoenix Health, it was the best thing we ever did.


Like hearing from an old friend

My husband and I have been with Phoenix Health for 61 years. Brian was with the companies for over 40 years and I was a telephonist at Stewarts & Lloyds, which I loved. Always knowing that should we have health or hospital problems we really had no worries with our cover. Pheonix Health is professional, helpful and a great fund to be with – they are always there.

Thanks for all those years and Happy Birthday!

Morris VIC

Never occurred to consider changing funds

My association with your Health Fund spans 60 years when I commenced my employment with British Tube Mills Aust Pty Ltd.

I was an Accountant in the Melbourne Office of the Company based in Adelaide. It was a memorable time in my life as I was treated so well by the management and staff whist, I completed my studies and became qualified with the Australian Society of Accountants (now known as CPA Australia). I later commenced my own Practice and had a successful career.

At the time of leaving BTM I was pleased to remain a member of your Health Fund to this day. It has never occurred to consider changing funds as I have always been satisfied with the excellent service given over this time to me and my Family.

I wish Phoenix Health continued success in the years to come.

Robert NSW

Like a family business

I started work as a trainee accountant for Stewarts & Lloyds in 1968. The thing I loved about the company was that although it employed thousands of people, the management went out of their way to make it feel like a family business. It had an excellent reputation for looking after its employees.

They had a large lunchroom for staff which had hot meals for lunch and dinner for those on overtime. They had their own library for employees. There was a tea-lady that wielded a trolly around the office, dispensing tea and biscuits and most importantly… gossip. When a vacancy arose, the employment office would give preference to relatives of existing loyal employees so there were many instances where several generations from the one family would be working together.

Their recreation club was just across the road. It had a bowling green, tennis courts, a football field, a cricket ground, and a fishing club, all designed to keep the employees happy in their leisure time and no doubt loyal to the company. They also encouraged a very active social club run by employees.

There were many stories; one was when several friends of a disabled staff member got together to help him out, by painting his house for him. They were a bit displeased when he sold his house a few months later.

Even in the 1960s, at knock-off time you would see hundreds of workers heading home on their bicycles.

Employees were paid in cash, so on pay day there was a small fortune housed in their pay office. There were only two guards, with guns, to protect the payroll but I don’t ever recall it being held up.


Never wavered in our choice

My husband started work in 1967 at Stewarts & Lloyds. He joined the Health Fund straight away, and when we married in 1969 my name was added. Our children, born in 1973 and 1976 were included on our family membership until they became independent of us. Over the years we have investigated other health funds, but never wavered in our choice.

Thank you Phoenix Health Fund.

Frank SA

The last to retire at Outer Harbour

I was a Sales Supervisor when the company I worked for merged with Tubemakers to become Steel Mains Pty Ltd at Outer Harbour, SA. It was then that I was invited to become a Phoenix Health member in the seventies and my wife and I are still members today. Following the plant closure in 1985, the Office Manager and myself (Sales Manager) were the last employees to retire at Outer Harbour.

Eric VIC

Steelmans employee

I was a Steelmans employee when I joined 50 plus years ago as a family. My family are still members, we can only speak highly of Phoenix Health.

Happy birthday!


Thank You Pam!

I have been with you for many years as I started with Stewarts & Lloyds before it changed to Tubemakers of Australia. You have been a great team, and I remember a lady that was on the switchboard she retired last year great lady to talk to for any problems.

What can I say about Phoenix Health, it has been great to be with you!

Alex NSW

Dental bills for us all

I started at Stewarts & Lloyds as an electrician, I can’t remember when I joined the medical fund but I’m glad I did. We had four children and found it was good in the early days; mostly dental bills for us all. My wife Elaine and I are still members, we both have needed hospital admissions – it was good to know we are fully covered.

Stephen NSW

Pleasure of this partnership

I have had the pleasure of this partnership with Phoenix Health Fund for 47 years. In this time I have not had any complaints with the fund, most friendly staff when I was working and most knowledgeable staff; so very helpful.

Thank you for the pleasure.

Edith NSW

A special payment

My husband worked at Tubemakers then at Stewarts & Lloyds for many years, starting as a Clerk. The fund has been very good to me personally. When I lost one of my hearing aids, it was not the required time to cover a replacement but the fund made a special payment for me for new aids.

Brian SA

Many years with this organisation

I joined Phoenix Health as a young apprentice in the 1950s. At the time employed by British Tube Mills based at Kilburn South Australia. BTM were an affiliate to Newcastle. I remained with them until closure of Tubemakers in the 1990s, to this day I remain a member of Phoenix Health.

Over the many years Phoenix Health looked after my health needs in a professional courteous manner. We have enjoyed the many years with this wonderful organisation, I sincerely thank them for this.


Early meetings of Phoenix Health

I would be among the oldest and longest members of Phoenix Health, joining when first formed in 1953. I commenced work with Stewarts & Lloyds Mayfield in January 1948 and worked in various departments and met fellow employee Ron Ainsworth.

A meeting of employees in 1953 set out with idea to start own fund. I attended first and early meetings and Ron Ainsworth appointed as manager. The first office was set up and operated out of a converted bike shed. Sometime later they moved into offices in what was known as the Gatehouse and from there to present offices in Newcastle city.

I transferred to Tubemakers St Leonards and being in North Sydney NRL territory, Ron arranged my membership in the North Sydney {Bears} Leagues Club. Now I knew Ron played rugby league but didn’t realize he played first grade for norths until I saw a photo of the 1943 team. Whilst working at St Leonards I acted as the Phoenix Health representative, processed and passed on to Newcastle St Leonards employees requests for credit union loans and refunds for medical treatment.

I have had lots of happy contact with Phoenix Health staff and managers over the years. I’m 92 now and have survived several serious illnesses and operations including bowel cancer for which I was hospitalised and supported by Phoenix Health. Phoenix Health has certainly helped me over the years.

Malcolm VIC

Closure of the Kilburn site

I have been with the fund for most of its existence, Phoenix Health has done a great service to me and my family in all that time.

I joined the staff of British Tube Mills in 1951 at the Kilburn site where there was an adjacent Stewarts & Lloyds plant which produced raw material for the production of Cold Drawn Seamless Tube at BTM. As a Senior Member of the staff of BTM I had the unfortunate responsibility of assisting in the closure of the Kilburn Plan and was one of the last to leave in October 1992.

Joan NSW

A god send and great comfort

I started work at Stewarts & Lloyds at age 16 on the first floor of the main building. In 1964 I married Patrick who worked in the pay office on the lower floor. Patrick’s brother and father also worked in the same organization.

I had many celebrations at the Stewarts & Lloyds Recreation Club, including my 21st birthday, our engagement party and also the birth of our twin boys. Stewarts & Lloyds had a Christmas party every year on the oval near the Recreation Club for employees and their children.

I have been with Pheonix Health since day one and never had any trouble with Phoenix Health. They were a god send and a great comfort when Patrick got sick as he had to go to many doctors and hospitals.

Bryan NSW

A shortage of tradesmen

I served a four-year Fitting & Turning Apprenticeship at Stewarts & Lloyds starting in 1944. In the last year of training, apprentices were paid a trademan’s wage because of the shortage of tradesmen during WWII. I remember before Phoenix Health was formed, a group at Stewarts & Lloyds had started a “”Sick and Accident Fund” – I joined at age 16, paying 6 pence (5 cents) weekly for a single membership.

Phoenix Health has been most helpful to my family; my wife has had several operations, we have had four children and I’ve had a quad bypass heart operation along with other procedures.
Many thanks to Phoenix Health!

Peter NSW

Our family’s chosen health fund

I started work with Stewarts & Lloyds in Newcastle in 1965 as an Engineering Trainee & joined Phoenix Health not long after. I worked at the company for 18 years until I accepted a transfer to BTM in Adelaide (by this time BTM and Stewarts & Lloyds were part of Tubemakers of Australia) in 1983 and of course Phoenix Health was our family’s chosen Health Fund. I eventually returned to Newcastle after the closure of the Adelaide location and maintain my membership in Phoenix Health still to this day.

My contact with Phoenix Health is mostly online and the occasional phone call. My experiences with Phoenix Health have always been (and continue to be) excellent with very helpful, professional and friendly staff who always help overcome any issues I have .

An excellent organisation!! Happy Birthday Phoenix Health, I hope you all have a great day in November!

Marion VIC

Service has been excellent

I did not work at Newcastle but spent three years from May 1963 to 1966 at Stanton Pipes Division, Yennora (Sydney), firstly as Secretary to the Accountant and Company Secretary and finally the General Manager. This is when I joined Phoenix Health. I then had a twelve month period overseas so had to let my membership elapse, but on returning home I re-joined and have been a member ever since. At times as a single member, but mostly as a “”family”” member, covering at one stage my mother and for forty or so years my late husband.

Obviously, I am more than happy with Phoenix Health to have continued membership for such a long period of time. The relationship I have had with your staff has been excellent, service has been excellent, processing time excellent, and every consideration has been given to me that is possible. I have lived in NSW, Tasmania and now Victoria and your organisation has been my support and also of my late husband, during this time.

I wish you all the best with your Anniversary Celebrations

Shirley NSW

A great fund

It is a great fund to belong to and certainly worked for us. John (my husband) started work at Stewarts & Lloyds in 1949, in 1953 we married and over the years had five children so the fund was well used as it also covered dentistry.

I am now 88 and living comfortable in the knowledge that should I have any serious health problems I will be looked after thanks to Phoenix Health.
Happy 70th birthday.

Phil VIC

No hesitation to recommend Phoenix Health

In 1961 I joined Stewarts & Lloyds, Newcastle and immediately joined Phoenix Health. During my 62 years of membership, Phoenix Health supported my wife and I through three babies, constant dental needs, my wife’s open-heart surgery and recovery and have found they met our needs well. I have no hesitation in recommending Phoenix Health to those seeking private health cover.

John TAS

Who else would you want as your health fund?

I became a member of Phoenix Health when I started at Stewarts & Lloyds in 1958 and am a member to this day. Phoenix Health have been amazing since I became a member and have always been ahead of all other health funds, including covering dentistry before others, including the biggest item in our life below.

I met my future wife Judith on a blind date in 1960 and we had two children together. After being admitted to hospital for a kidney problem, Judith suffered a stroke and was paralyzed on the left hand side of her body. As fortune would have it, her heart specialist was in the hospital and was able to provide treatment options. Fortunately she recovered with only some slight problems, the heart specialist wrote to Phoenix Health, outlined the details and Phoenix Health refunded all costs. Who else would you want as your health fund?


An extra level of assurance

I started as a Management Trainee with Stewarts & Lloyds in 1957. After 15 years I had progressed to marketing roles at the Sydney Head Office and was set to take up a senior management role interstate. However, my first daughter was born with a serious hip condition requiring operations and ongoing specialist treatment.

In that period and since I was so thankful for the assurance and financial assistance provided by being a member of Phoenix Health. With the treatment my daughter received over those early crucial years she has had a full and active life, as have all of my family including my two other children.

Even though my family and I have always been physically active and health conscious this has not made us immune to medical problems; membership of Phoenix Health has provided us with an extra level of assurance over government schemes so that come what may we can obtain immediately the best protection available rather than experience endless wait times under government schemes.
Thank you Phoenix Health for all that you provide, as a long-term member, I will celebrate too!

Alan QLD

Recognising your history

Congratulations to Phoenix Health on turning 70 and recognising your history.

I was an employee of Hume Steel in Townsville in 1970 when we joint ventured with Tubemakers of Australia to form Steel Mains Pty Ltd. A significant benefit to the employees at that time was the invitation to join Phoenix Welfare which many of us did.

Stewart & Lloyds, Hume Steel, Tubemakers & Steel Mains were quality companies that contributed enormously to the development of Australia through manufacturing and skilful training of their people.
Although the companies that formed the foundation of Phoenix are gone, I am so glad to see you soldiering on towards your 70-year milestone.

Barry NSW

A member since the early days

In 1952 I began work as a clerk at Stewarts & Lloyds in Newcastle and became a member of the fund in the early days of its existence. My wife and I married in 1955 and in 1958 I left Stewarts & Lloyds and we moved back to our hometown of Tamworth but have maintained continuous membership with Phoenix Health. We’re both 89 and have been married now for 68 years.

Here’s a picture of my wife and I on our wedding day in 1955 and on our 68th anniversary this year.


Terry NSW

Fond memories of joining

I have fond memories of joining Phoenix Health when I started at Stewarts & Lloyds in late 1958, after completing the HSC at Newcastle Technical High School (now Merewether High). After nine years I took up other employment opportunities and, at that time, negotiated to maintain my membership of Phoenix Health, which I have maintained to the current time – a substantial period of 64 years.

I can honestly say I have always received good service for claims / enquiries and also prompt action. Please accept my congratulations for the 70-year anniversary and I hope to be around for further anniversary celebrations.


Our first uniform

This was our first uniform – dark green skirts and white blouses. We were also required to wear high heel shoes. The photo was taken at early one morning in 1962 outside the office, you can see the general office and warehouse in the background.


Best protection against unwanted health costs

As I recall my membership of Phoenix Health coincided with my staff appointment to Stewarts & Lloyds in 1963, this means that I and my family have been covered for 60 years.

There have been times when Phoenix Health have provided additional benefits for long term hospital stays and I have always been confident that Phoenix Health remains superior in the health fund field. My wife and I remain assured that ongoing Phoenix Health membership offers our best protection against unexpected health costs.


A cheque to pay your hospital bill

I joined the fund in 1958 and things were a lot different then. Our subscriptions were taken out of our pay, the office was on the top of the bike shed and most people rode pushbikes to work.
The office was run by a man named Ron Ainsworth. You would present your hospital bill and they would give you a cheque to pay it, 100% of doctor bills were paid back to you.
Happy Birthday!

John SA

Pommy Pipe Works

I joined Phoenix Health in 1963, when I was employed as a toolmaker in tool trials at the British Tube Mills, also known as the ‘Pommy Pipe Works.’
Phoenix Health and I have been on a very long journey; children births, many medical experiences and surgeries.

A little anecdote for you –
Pat Ryan, the leading hand a been whinging all week about a rotten tooth but was too tight to go the dentist. Flash Jack Leany said he would fix it the next day.

Jack turns up the next day with some fishing line and a bottle of plonk, Pat sits in a chair Jack firmly attached the fishing line to the dodgy tooth, the other end to a heavy block of scrap steel on pats lap. Pat has a couple of swigs of the plonk, Jack picks up the block of steel, Pats stands up, Jack lets go of steel block.

Well out pops the tooth and blood, Pat rushes off to the First Aid Room. We did not see Pat for a week or so, eventually he turned up with a bandaged jaw and a black eye. Well, we all had a good laugh and Jack was given a warning no more dentistry.

Barry SA

54 Years of Membership

I have been a member of Phoenix Health for 54 years. I joined in 1969, the year I commenced an apprenticeship with British Tube Mills (BTM) at Kilburn, suburb of Adelaide in South Australia. I can still remember the address, 500 Churchill Road, Kilburn. As part of my apprenticeship I worked at Stewarts & Lloyds and Bundy Tubing. Later years the name changed to “Tube Makers of Australia”.

I have been a member of Phoenix Health ever since. One of the reasons I joined Phoenix Health is that they covered Dental even back in 1969. My wife Colleen and I have always found Phoenix Health to be polite and helpful.

John VIC

From Victoria to America and back

I commenced working as a Junior Trainee Draftsman at 16 years of age in 1954 with the Steel Reinforcements Division at Fishermen’s Bend, Victoria. In 1963, I was transferred to Kwinana, Western Australia to manage the Steel Reinforcements Division of Mephan Ferguson before returning to Melbourne three years later and then being chosen to go to the USA to study the proposed setting up of a Steel Service Centre in Australia. On returning a Steel Service Centre was set up in Fishermen’s Bend & I was the Warehouse Manager. In 1974, I departed from the TubeMakers Group.

I am not sure when I commenced my membership with Phoenix Health, I do remember however, that the first major payment that we received was for the birth of our son in 1962. We have been members ever since, enjoying the many benefits of this wonderful health fund. Ffour of our children and their families are also members. We have nothing but praise for your organisation and have over this period been in touch on numerous occasions and have NEVER received anything but courtesy, help and assistance.

Wishing you and Phoenix Health Fund all the best in the future and trust you can go on to another 70 years of excellent service.

John SA

Welcome gift for newborn babies

Congratulations on the fund’s 70th birthday. I’m pleased to say that I have been with its journey for 64 of those years. I joined Stewarts & Lloyds staff in Newcastle in 1959 and immediately joined Phoenix Health. Ron Ainsworth was in charge tat that time. In the early days Phoenix Health supplied a baby package on the birth of a member’s child, to my knowledge no other fund did that at the time. My wife and I never considered leaving the fund. In fact two of our married children are current members too.

Alan QLD

Still prospering today

I first started working for Stewarts & Lloyds at the distribution centre in South Townsville in 1973 and was one of a team of three selling Australian-made malleable and steel pipe fittings. I retired working for Onesteel in 2003.

I joined Phoenix Health in 1976 and am still a member today after 47 years. Thank you for caring for our family.

After working through the Stewarts & Lloyds, Tubemakers and Onesteel eras it is hard to believe that Phoenix Health has outlived them all and is still prospering today and remains a not-for-profit provider. It could have been so easy to fold the tent.

Congratulations on your seventieth birthday and may you have many more. I am looking forward to getting my “”fifty years badge”” in three years’ time when it is rumoured future premiums will be forgiven.

Raffaele VIC

Prompt and excellent service

I have been a member of Phoenix Health for 57 years. I’m retired but I worked at Tubemakers, I have always found Phoenix Health to be helpful whenever I needed medical attention for my many stays in hospital. There has never been any issues with payments for hospital accounts; prompt and excellent service.

Averil NSW

Lunchtime cricket

My recollections of working at Stewards & Lloyds were that the members of staff were very welcoming and made me feel happy to work there. I recall that female members of staff were required uniforms with detachable white collars, and we believed we all looked very smart. One of my duties as a typist was to cut stencils on my manual typewriter of price lists. This was quite difficult using a manual typewriter with no fractions on our keyboards.

I have been a continuous member of Phoenix Health for 65 years and my daughter joined when she turned 21 years of age. She is still a member now covering her family members for 32 years. I have been very happy with the coverage I have received over the years and found the staff very helpful and courteous. May the fund continue for many more years.
I’ve included a photo of the male members of staff playing cricket at lunchtime on the road next to the office.


From an office in the bike sheds

I joined the fund December 1959 when the office was located in the Bike sheds outside the works opposite the Stewarts & Lloyds General Office. I was regularly with Jack Beattie who visited all the offices to have a chat and resolve any electrical or telephone problems.

I paid single membership up unto 1970 when I married and commenced a family membership. We have been constantly using Phoenix Health for many private hospital. From originally having Phoenix Health deducted weekly from my pay to now for the last 20 years of retirement paying an annual fee which I now pay willingly.

Janice NSW

Where I met my husband

I joined Phoenix Health in 1959 at the age of 17 while an employee of Automatic Tube Company in South Granville where I met my future husband who was also a member of the fund. Sadly, my husband died in 2018 at the age of 80. However over the years my three sons were members at one time and one son is still a member today.


91 and still belong

I started work in the Steel Main Research & Development lab in North Melbourne in 1975, I can’t remember when I joined Phoenix Health but I’m now 91 and still belong.

I have found the fund to be very generous and have covered me wonderfully when I have been in need. Compared to other health benefits schemes that I have checked; they are still streets ahead. Also, any phone calls I’ve made, the receptionists have been friendly, courteous and most helpful.

Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Graeme NSW

Submitting a claim on the way to work

As an apprentice fitter and machinist, employed at Stewarts & Lloyds, from January 1967 my memories of the health fund at that time are the convenience of submitting a claim on the way into work in the morning, and collecting the refund, in cash, at shift end and being able to claim for a GP consultation before the advent of Medicare.

Jeanette VIC

It’s like ringing a friend

Firstly congratulations on providing us members with a wonderful health fund.

I became a member at its inception whilst working for British Tube Mills and Bundy Tubing located in Churchill Road, Adelaide SA. I remember we were offered the convenience of having subtracted from our wages the contributions to what was then called ‘The Phoenix Welfare Association Limited.’

When I married in 1957 my husband Victor was permitted to become a member under my name. I am now 90 years old – hence a long membership.

It is a great pleasure to be able to telephone in this day and age and speak to a real person with any concerns I may have. Always at the end of the phone is a caring, listening friendly person that has the knowledge to answer any queries, it is like ringing a friend.

Being a member is one of the better decisions I have made in my life. I wish now to give you my very best wishes for your 70th birthday and may you continue to provide a service to many other deserving members.


Graham NSW

Care providers stunned

As an ex-employee of Stewarts & Lloyds (Tubemakers) and a member of Phoenix Health for 50 years you have given us the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday.
It is also an opportune time to thank you for looking after our family in both health and financially.

Our family has been fortunate in being part of a health fund that, on many occasions, had care providers stunned with what is covered and the amount of refund. Phoenix Health did not invent health insurance, nor can it perfect it, but it is our experience over 50 years you come close.

Wishing you many happy and successful returns.

Johh NSW

The Scottish origins of the name ‘Phoenix’

As a long-standing member, I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to Phoenix upon attaining its 70th year of existence. I joined the Newcastle plant of Stewarts & Lloyds, in 1939 as an engineering apprentice at the tender age of 16, remaining there and moving slowly up through the ranks as a draughtsman, until accepting early retirement in 1981 at the age of 58.

Naturally I joined Phoenix Health shortly after its inception, retaining my membership ever since and having nothing but the highest confidence in its integrity. I suspect not many of the current membership would know how the name Phoenix came about. It actually originated back home in Scotland, at the Phoenix Tube Works in Rutherglen, an industrial township south of Glasgow.

It was from these Tube Works that most of the future Executive Officers and Departmental Superintendents were chosen and the name Phoenix naturally had a strong nostalgic attraction for them and their families when they left their homeland to voyage across the sea to Newcastle Australia, back in 1933. The initial works that was established at Mayfield was known then as Buttweld, but this was later changed to Stewarts and Lloyds Australia Pty. Ltd.

Maurice VIC

My son has stayed with Phoenix Health

I started with Stewarts & Lloyds in 1973 and was in the products and marketing division in Victoria. Phoenix Health has offered very good conditions, and my son has stayed with Phoenix Health because of the way that I was treated.

James NSW

An extension of our family

My Father joined Stewarts and Lloyds in about 1947 and joined the health fund when it commenced. I commenced work at Stewards & Lloyds in Jan 1957 and was unfortunate to lose my father six weeks later.

I then joined the health fund and am now 81 and still in the Phoenix Health. Over the years Phoenix Health have covered the birth of our three children, and all our health problems. They have covered claims that are not covered by other health funds.
We as a family cannot fault the fund in any way. I wish they had stayed in their office at Tubemakers as when there it was like an extension of our family as we all knew each other.

Alida NSW

The big 70!

Wow, the big 70!

I started working at Stewarts & Lloyds when I was 16. I was a stenographer, working for a department manager in a typing pool who did the invoicing and statements. The best day of the year would have been our annual Christmas party which was always enjoyed by every employee at Stewarts & Lloyds, which included the office and factory staff. Always lots of fun.
Happy 70th Birthday.

Barrie QLD

Long term friends

Phoenix Health and my family are long term friends. My father commenced work as a labourer (in the days of Abu Hughes) in what was called the Yard in 1941 and became Foreman of the Yard Gang some years later. He remained in this position until his retirement some 25 or so years later.

My eldest brother Bill also worked in the gang for some years, until leaving to follow his football (NRL) playing and coaching dream in country NSW.
Then followed my sister Elaine who worked as a telephonist and remained in this position unti her marriage; after Elaine my brother Grahame started as a bricklayer’s apprentice and remained with the company till into the mid-60s.

The next inline was my sister’s new husband who started as a Surveyor in the Yard Gang.

Who next? You might well ask!

Next was me, starting in the Electrical Department (controlled by Mr Ken Murdock) as a tradesman and transferring to Sydney to take charge of the total electrical installation of the new Yennora plant, and remaining on as Electrical Superintendent.

Each of us at some time were members of Phoenix Health and I still am to this day. The Yennora plant was surveyed by my brother-in-law Kevin Richards. All brickwork on the site felt the hand of my brother Grahame, and I supervised, and controlled, every aspect of the electrical installation from the earliest days of 1960, until the first pipe was cast in 1962, and finally moving on in 1974.

Edwin NSW

Starting at 15 years old

I started at Stewarts & Lloyds Mayfield in 1961 when I was 15 years old, and shortly after joined the health fund. A small amount was deducted from my weekly wage, my husband joined in 1967 and he became a member, when we married in 1968 we then became members as a couple.

The health fund used to be in a small building which looked like a little house within the grounds of Stewarts & Lloyds, then in later years graduated to bigger offices near the gatehouse. Now in bigger offices on the harbour in Newcastle.

We have always been happy with our Phoenix Health Membership.

Warren QLD

Sharing the fund’s 70th birthday

In 1953 I commenced employment with Stewarts & Lloyds as a mechanical engineering trainee. So, in some respects, I share the fund’s 70th birthday.
I recall that sometime in the following year or two I, along with my fellow trainees, Ron Bower and Phil Avery were invited to join the new fund. This required considerable thought for young healthy men on relatively small wages. However, we decided to join and have been members ever since.

The fund has stood me and my family in good stead over many years and we thank you for that. During that time we have seen many changes in the fund and its services but the fund has always provided prompt friendly service when required.

My family and I would like to wish the fund and its employees all the best for its continuing successful future.

Vicki NSW

Professional and Helpful

My Husband Bill started work at Stewarts & Lloyds in 1968 after completing National Service. We were married in 1970 and went on to have two children, all of this time supported by Phoenix Health. We have had several major illnesses and surgeries along the way and have found Phoenix Health staff to be professional and helpful in our time of need.

Best wishes to Phoenix Health on your 70th Birthday!

Rosalind NSW

Phoenix’s netball team

Firstly I wish to commend you and all employees past and present. It has been a smooth ride throughout the years of being a member.

I joined the Phoenix Welfare fund in 1968 as an employee of Stewarts & Lloyds then to become “Tubemakers.” I worked in the office and was there until 1978.
I also played netball for “Phoenix,” the courts for practice were across the road where the club is situated.

Well done to all, hope you always shine in what you do.

Bill SA

“You do want to join Phoenix, don’t you?”

I started work at Stewarts & Lloyds in 1956. On my first day I was asked something like “You do want to join Phoenix, don’t you?” Obviously, from a 20-year-old, the only possible answer was “Yes.”

I worked for a range of companies and divisions of Tubemakers in Newcastle, Melbourne, Adelaide, Indonesia and finally in Adelaide again until 1995. Joining Phoenix Health has always proved to be a good decision,they have always supported our family generously and we have been treated with promptness, efficiency and courtesy at all times.

Happy Birthday Phoenix Health

Maurice NSW

A Family Legacy

I was employed at Tubemakers from 1963 to 2000. I was a member of Phoenix Health all the time I was there and am still a member now. I appreciate all the services you have provided and still will remain a member as long as we can. My son Kevin has also been a member since 1991 and my grandson has now joined the health fund too.


What more can I say

I like the fund because it is a member owned not-for-profit organisation, the photo claims with next day benefits and emails are excellent. Great communication and the newsletter has recipes, travel insurance and gift card offers.

I highly recommend Phoenix Health; my daughter is a member and is delighted with them too. I have quite a number of claims lately all met promptly as usual. THANKS Phoenix Health.
What more can I say other than I consider Phoenix Health fund the best in Australia. THANKS Phoenix Health

Jonathan NSW

From boarding school to Stewarts & Lloyds

I arrived at Stewarts & Lloyds fresh from boarding school in late January 1953 to commence a boiler making apprenticeship. I immediately joined Phoenix Health and I have been successful over the years in convincing other family members to undertake a membership whilst continuing my own membership.

My family and I are extremely grateful for your extended services, easy accessibility and general performance with regard our wellbeing and the continuation and provision of excellent ongoing health care. Congratulations on your 70 years of commitment to providing outstanding service to your members.


Best financial investment

Congratulations on 70 years!

I started with Stewarts and Lloyds in 1963 as a Cadet Engineer and Joined the Stewarts & Lloyds Credit Union which then became Phoenix Health.
Your premiums are competitive, it’s one of the best “financial investments” I have made during my life, especially for my family.
Keep up the good work.

Fred NSW

No better compliment than from medical staff

When I started work at Stewarts & Lloyds I was invited to join what was then the Sick & Accident Fund. From memory I think it was 6 pence a week (5 cents) and the fund helped you out if you were out of sick pay and holiday pay, if my memory serves me right.

Then came The Stewarts & Lloyds Hospital & Medical Benefits Fund, which I joined as did most of the workers at the plant. I married in March 1954 and our first child arrived in September 1955. The fund paid out the claim which was enough to cover the doctor and hospital bills. Over the past 70 years we have had a family of four plus an adopted one making a total of five children.

We have had a few visits to hospital for various causes and each time when we have been booking in for the hospital visit the doctor or the hospital people have asked about our health fund. When we say Phoenix Health, the reply has always been that is one of the best funds in the country. I guess there is no better compliment than one from the medical staff. I consider us fortunate that we were able to continue our membership with Phoenix Health after I left Stewarts & Lloyds.
The staff past and present are always willing to help, for which we are thankful, I don’t think I could be in a better health fund.

Trevor NSW

Thank you for the security

I am very happy with Phoenix Health. I moved up from Sydney as a newly married young person and Stewarts & Lloyds was the first factory I got a job with in Newcastle.

Along with that came the opportunity to join the health fund which I have always been very pleased with. It has seen me through the birth and up bringing off my three boys and a very good backstop for my wife who has been an asthmatic all her life.

Phoenix Health has always been reliable and easy to communicate with and has assisted us with numerous problems over the years.

Now as a retiree it gives me great pleasure to be able to say thank you for the security and backup I have felt over the years. I am very appreciative of the fund being there for me.

Terry WA

Claims handled quickly and efficiently

It is hard to believe that our health fund is about to celebrate a 70th birthday.

I commenced my career at Stewarts & Lloyds in January 1963, to serve a Fitting and Turning apprenticeship. My career spanned many positions for the next 40 years. I joined the fund soon after starting work and am still a member to this date. I never really considered changing to another fund due to many favourable comments I have received over all those years. Comments similar to “” you appear to be in a very good fund.””

I have never had a claim rejected, they are handled quickly and efficiently on every occasion. Although premiums have increased, I have no plans of cancelling my membership.

Phil and his father Brian QLD

One of the best in Australia

I have the pleasure of sitting this afternoon with my father Brian, who now resides in Brisbane, Queensland, with his wife of 60 years, Grace, and reminiscing about his time in Newcastle and the experience with Phoenix. Dad has just turned 91 and can remember starting with Stewarts & Lloyds when he was 17, straight from school. Stewarts & Lloyds then became Tubemakers of Australia Ltd, and he retired in 1988 having reached the position of Commercial Manager.

Dad mentioned that Phoenix Health always looked after him and were very fair, even today. They looked after the family throughout the years very well. Mum said that they were always very prompt, and never questioned any requests. Dad can’t actually remember ever having a dispute with Phoenix Health at all. The staff were always good and able to help out whenever needed, and he can remember going over to the gatehouse to see them.

He highlighted that they grew from a very small beginning to one of the best in Australia. Even in his retirement years, Phoenix Health have stayed with Dad, in particular supporting him through some very long and difficult surgical procedures and ongoing medical challenges. It’s not an exaggeration to say that his health today has been very much influenced by the great support of Phoenix Health. Dad gives Phoenix Health a glowing endorsement.

I am personally very thankful for their support over the years. Sincere congratulations on reaching 70 years – quite an accomplishment for any organisation.

Lyall QLD

Three generations

It is certainly a pleasure to convey to Phoenix Health our Congratulations on your 70th Birthday. We have been with you all the way.

Phoenix Health and Stewarts & Lloyds was our starting point back in the 1950’s and what a wonderful and gratifying working life we had with you all over that precious time.

We have had three generations at Stewarts & Lloyds; I started in 1955 as a plumbing apprentice and joined Phoenix Health which was run by Ron Ainsworth at the time. My dad also worked at Stewarts & Lloyds as did my father-in-law who worked in the push bench mill and received a gold watch for 25 years service.

Congratulations to you all, it’s a great achievement. All the very best to you and your staff and those I have worked with all and the new members as well. As “”Mortein”” once said, when you’re on a good thing- “”Stick to it.”” HA!

Emmanuel SA

Always there when needed

I began my working life at Her Majesties Naval Dockyard in Malta before migrating to Australia with my family in 1964. I had a job waiting for me at the British Tubemakers in SA and joined Phoenix Health. Phoenix Health were always there when needed in regard to our family’s health needs. My family with four children was a priority, Pheonix Health was always there and still is regarding our health care needs.

Thank you Phoenix Health for the care over the past 57 years.

Beth NSW

One of the most generous

Having six children over the years, my husband Alan and I were very glad to join Phoenix Health when it began 70 years ago. It has been very reassuring to have our medical expenses part paid by Phoenix Health all these years. I have been told by several medical practices that Phoenix Health is one of the most generous funds around.

So thank you for your service!

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