Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

The month of September isn’t just about celebrating Father’s Day, it is also Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and a timely reminder for a visit to the GP.

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in Australia with almost 20,000 diagnoses and close to 3,500 deaths each year.

It is encouraged that all men over 50 – or over 40 who have a family history – talk with their GP about prostate health. Prostate cancer testing can be a complex subject, that’s why it’s recommended to talk with your GP about what is best for you. (source Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia)

If you or someone you love is in this age bracket, please encourage them to visit their GP and #getchecked. Spread the word.

For further information on Prostate Cancer and Prostate Cancer Awareness Month visit the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia website.