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Extras cover is there to support our health and wellbeing and help pay for things that Medicare won’t, so it makes sense that we use it even when we’re healthy. Taking a proactive approach can mean we get more out of our busy lives and prevent little issues becoming big problems.

Here’s some of the most common ways we see members making the most of their extras cover every day:

Gap free dental

At Phoenix Health, our percentage-based extras covers include 100% benefits for check-ups and scale and cleans which means there’s nothing for you to pay for preventative dental. This includes everyone on your membership, so there’s no excuse to put off your regular visits.

Glasses and prescription sunglasses

Even if your optical script hasn’t changed, make the most of your optical benefits with a new pair of prescription glasses or treat yourself to a pair of prescription sunglasses.

If you haven’t noticed a change in your vision, scripts are often valid for up to two years which means you don’t need to go back to your optometrist first! Remember though each state and provider may be slightly different so it’s always best check your script and if you do notice any changes to your vision, make an appointment with your optometrist.

Massage, physio and chiro

Life can be busy, could you use a massage? Stress can take a toll on us physically and with more of us spending our days seated, making an appointment for a remedial massage, physio or chiro treatment can stop little niggles becoming bigger issues.

How can I check what benefits I have available?

You can view your benefits and available limits at any time by downloading the Phoenix Health App from the App Store or Google Play or by logging into Online Member Services.

At Phoenix Health, all extras benefits reset on the first of January every year. Some benefits, including Aids to Recovery and Hearing Aids are available once every two or three years respectively so check your personal available limits via the Phoenix Health App or the Online Member Service Portal.

If you have any questions about using your extras cover or how to claim, reach out to the Phoenix Health Team; we’re always here to help.

Benefits, limits and waiting periods may apply.