About Us

Phoenix Health is a not-for-profit health fund, who for over 68 years has continued to offer its members with quality and affordable health insurance.

From our humble beginnings in 1953, Phoenix Health was created exclusively for the benefit of Stewarts and Lloyds employees. Through the passing of time, Phoenix Health have continued to offer exclusive Private Health Insurance to the many companies that represent Stewart’s and Lloyds (and Tubemakers of Australia) today. Phoenix Health now proudly offers Private Health Insurance membership to anyone who wishes to join the fund.

Phoenix Health is structured to have our members as our number one priority. Structuring our business in this way means that we reinvest earnings back into member benefits. This means an all round better deal, service and benefits for our members. And as a member of the Members Health Fund Alliance, our primary focus on member’s needs, rather than profits.

By operating as a not-for-profit, our primary focus is, and always will be the satisfaction of our members.

Our mission – We’re for Members, not for Profits. Providing Members access to a range of affordable, high quality health insurance cover.

Industry Associations


Phoenix Health Fund is accredited under the voluntary Private Health Insurance Code of Conduct.

Our Privacy Policy

Because we value the privacy rights of our members, Phoenix Health Fund abides by rules set out in our Privacy Policy.  This statement can be viewed by clicking here.

Our Service Agreement

At Phoenix Health, each and every one of our employees represents the spirit of Phoenix Health. With over 130 years of collective experience, our team are driven and committed to the overall well-being of our members.

The spirit of Phoenix Health Fund is found in our service promise to our members. We aim as a fund to:

  1. Work with the principles of respect and responsiveness.
  2. Avoid using jargon and instead, provide simple and easy to understand information to answer all enquiries given to us.
  3. Work with integrity towards our members along with all of our stakeholders