Purchase Private Health insurance for Holistic Health Services

Looking for a health insurance policy that pays well for holistic services or natural therapies such as remedial massage and naturopathy can be hard. As these service providers can sometimes charge unexpectedly large consultation prices, some members can find themselves wishing they got more back from their health insurer when they make a claim. The good news though, is that you can easily move to a fund that offers better returns if you find your current policy is not suiting your needs. Switching funds is actually very easy: Your new fund in most cases will actually get in contact with your previous health fund and will arrange the transfer of your health fun membership on your behalf. Health Funds generally have a three week turn around to respond to your request for transfer.

Many health insurance funds offer a range of levels of cover and combinations of benefits to suit your needs so it is worth while doing some research. Keep in mind there are a lot of not-for-profit funds that operate solely for the benefit of members. In doing this, Not-for-profit Health Funds normally offer benefits equal to, or better than the big funds. Not-for-profit funds exist solely for their members and often receive high customer service reviews from their members. While many funds can say with confidence that they offer better value to members, Phoenix Health Fund and other not-for-profit health funds can prove this high level of value, service and support through Member Satisfaction Research papers generated by, Discovery Research. These annual surveys date back to 2006 – 2017 and show consistent satisfaction of members.