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One of the Best Rated Health Insurance Funds in Australia as reviewed by most trusted review website in Australia.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance helps cover the cost of medical treatment and services in Australia above what Medicare pays.

There are two major components of health insurance and depending the cover you choose, it can help pay for the cost of treatment while you’re admitted to hospital or help put money back in your pocket on things like dental check-ups, physio appointments and more.

What are the different types of Health Insurance?

There’s two types of health insurance and you can choose to have one or the other or both. For benefits while admitted to hospital, you’ll need to have hospital cover. And, to get money back on maintaining your wellbeing on an everyday basis, you’ll need extras cover.

How does Health Insurance work?

Hospital cover provides benefits to help pay for things like your medical treatment and hospital accommodation whilst admitted to hospital. It gives you more choice and flexibility in choosing who treats you, where you’re treated and can even help you skip public hospital waiting lists.

Extras cover provides benefits towards services to help cover the everyday costs of looking after your health, including things like dental, optical and physiotherapy.

Is there an excess on Health Insurance?

You can choose to have an excess on the hospital cover component of your health insurance. An excess is the amount you agree to pay towards your treatment if you’re admitted to hospital and helps reduce the cost of your hospital cover. With Phoenix Health Insurance, you only pay this once per person, per year regardless of how many times you need to go to hospital, and we also waive the excess for dependants under the age of 25 on your membership on all our health insurance products.

What doesn’t Health Insurance Cover?

When you take out health insurance, you’ll receive a list of benefits and services that are and aren’t included with your cover so you’ll know what you can and can’t claim for. With hospital cover, there’s a few things that your health insurance won’t cover regardless, including treatment when you’re not admitted to hospital, in an emergency department and for things that Medicare doesn’t cover. If you’re ever in doubt, give us a call – it’s what we’re here for!

Why should I take out Health Insurance?

Everyone has their own reason to take out and keep private health insurance, one big reason is peace of mind. If the unexpected happens you can feel confident knowing that you have options – the choice and flexibility of who treats you, where you’re treated and often when you’ll be treated.

Life changes can be another reason to take out or review your health insurance – if your needs are changing or you’re looking to start or grow your family, taking out cover now can mean you’re ready to claim when the time comes. Finally, taking out hospital cover can also make financial sense and it can help you lock in government discounts and avoid loadings and surcharges.

How do I choose the right Health Insurance product?

Making a decision about health insurance can feel overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be. The first step is workout out what you want from your cover both now and in the future; maybe you want health insurance to offset the everyday costs of things like physio appointments and dental check-ups or you’re looking to start a family in the near future and want health insurance so you can go to a private hospital?

Our team will step you through the process of finding a health insurance cover that’s the perfect fit, or if you’d prefer, jump online and our easy to use comparison tool can guide you through and even show you how our benefits stack up against other health insurance policies in the market.

Why choose Phoenix Health Insurance?

There’s nothing more personal than your health, which is why when it comes to choosing a health fund to trust with your wellbeing it makes sense that you’d want a fund whose focus is on providing their members with health insurance that has real value and personal service.

At Phoenix Health this is what we love to do; we’re also a not-for-profit health insurance fund which means we return more than the industry average back to our members in benefits. But you don’t have to take our word for it, check out what other members have to say at ProductReviews

Other Benefits to taking out Health Insurance with Phoenix Health

At Phoenix Health, we aim to give you real value everyday and believe that health insurance shouldn’t just be for when you’re not well. Supporting you and your health journey through all stages of life is what we’re here for – and our “Members Only” health & wellbeing app, Nala is just one way we’re there for you.

We’re also excited to help you put money back in your pocket everyday with the Phoenix Health Rewards program – available exclusively to members that hold health insurance with Phoenix Health, you get access to discounts on everything from groceries and pharmacy items to white goods to holidays and more!

Are there waiting periods with Health Insurance?

To give you a quick answer, in most cases yes. Waiting periods vary based on the treatments and benefits included on your health insurance policy and range from two to 12 months. We can run through these with you and let you know when they finish so you can make the most of your health insurance as quickly as possible.

However, if you’re switching your health insurance from another fund any waiting periods that you’ve already served will switch with you!

Members get more with Phoenix Health


We’re Member Owned

We’ve been around for over 65 years, providing personal health insurance, available to all Australians. We’re owned by members, run by members for the benefit of our members which means we invest back into providing more in benefits – not into shareholders’ pockets.


Swipe with Confidence

We’re ending the ‘swipe and hope!’ With set percentage benefits on our Extras covers, you can be confident in knowing how much you’ll get back for a treatment when you swipe your card.


Your preferred provider is ours too

When it comes to our health, who treats us is a personal decision and we believe you should get generous benefits no matter who you see. So, instead of a preferred provider network, you’re free to be treated by whoever you choose and still get the same great benefits.


Australia-wide Benefits

Our Hospital Cover includes Australia-wide coverage with access to over 550 private hospitals, 36,000 Access Gap Doctors and ambulance cover. So, no matter where you are in Australia, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has their own reason to take out and maintain private health insurance, with a major one being for peace of mind. If the unexpected happens you can feel confident in knowing that you have choices – you have the choice and flexibility in choosing who treats you, where you’re treated and often where you’ll be treated.

By taking out Private Hospital Cover, as well as getting a choice in your treatment, you may be able to reduce the length of time you might have to wait to be treated in the public system. You’ll also avoid possible Government penalties like the Medicare Levy Surcharge or Lifetime Health Cover Loading.

Phoenix Health Extras Cover helps to cover the cost of services you receive outside of a hospital admission, that aren’t claimable through Medicare. Benefits are available for services like dental, optical, physiotherapy and more – things that keep you healthy on a day-to-day basis.

As long as they are listed on your policy, your children are automatically covered under your family cover until the day before they turn 21.

After they turn 21, if they are studying full time, you can register them with Phoenix Health as a Student Dependant and they’ll continue to be covered on your membership for no extra cost until their 25th birthday, or until they are no longer studying full time – whichever comes first.

If your dependant is over 21 and not studying full time, they can remain covered under your Phoenix Health membership, by upgrading to Extended Dependant cover, for an additional cost. Extended Dependant cover is available on most levels of cover (except Extras only policies) – get in touch with the Phoenix Health team for a quote and to find out if your cover is eligible.

Yes we are and proud of it too!

Members Health Fund Alliance is the peak industry body, and Australia’s largest voice for not-for-profit, member-owned, regional and community-based health insurers. Phoenix Health are one of the 27 Members Health Funds, who represent over 3 million Australians, and stand for the same objective – to put the health of their members before profits.

Check out more about MHFA here.

At Phoenix Health Fund, we provide you with several easy options for making a claim including:

    • At the time of your treatment using your Phoenix Health Membership card –swipe your Phoenix Health card through the provider’s HICAPS or CSC HealthPoint terminal at the time of your visit;
    • Mobile Claiming app – forgot to take your Phoenix Health card with you to your appointment or couldn’t claim on the spot? Download the Phoenix Health app, take a photo of your receipts and submit along with any supporting documents (if required) for assessment; or

Email – print a claim form, complete, then scan and email with your receipts and any supporting documents to [email protected];

Learn more about how to claim here.

As a new member to private health insurance, there are some waiting periods you need to serve before you are eligible to claim benefits. These range from 2 months up to 12 months, depending on the service.

New members switching to Phoenix Health and current Phoenix Health members who upgrade their cover will not have to re-serve the waiting periods they have already served. Waiting periods however will apply where they haven’t already been fully served, and to any upgrade in services, benefits and excess/co-payments applicable.

Learn more about the waiting periods that may apply when joining Phoenix Health or upgrading your cover, by visiting our Waiting Periods page or get in touch with us for more information.


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