What is the Healthy Lifestyle Program?

The Healthy Lifestyle Program is a feature on selected Extras covers that provides benefits towards the cost of approved health-related programs.

In some cases, these services will need to be recommended by your referring healthcare professional as part of a health or chronic disease management program to directly address or improve a specific health or medical condition.  This  means that your GP or medical specialist will need to complete and return a specific form to approve these services before the fund can pay.

What can you claim under the Healthy Lifestyle Program?

You may be eligible to claim some of the costs of these health-related programs or courses:

  • Approved Quit smoking courses
  • Gym memberships
  • Approved Asthma management classes
  • Approved diabetes management classes
  • Approved weight management programs (food not included)
  • Approved Health Screening/ Diagnostic testing

How do you know if you can claim Healthy Lifestyle Program benefits?

You must be on a level of Extras cover that includes the Healthy Lifestyle Program. Always check with Phoenix Health Fund to ensure that the course of treatment or service you wish to cover is covered and falls under our approved service providers.  Phoenix can help cover these costs, provided that Medicare do not pay a benefit.