Get a Top Health cover: Compare Public and Private Options

Choosing the top health cover for your situation can sometimes require considerable research. There are multiple factors that contribute to a decision such as choosing the health fund to offer the coverage you need.

Medicare coverage is designed to provide health care to all Australian citizens. Private health insurance helps eliminate out of pocket costs and may reduce waiting periods for services and procedures performed in the Public or Private system. There are financial incentives for taking up Private Health Insurance. While every citizen pays the 1.5% Medicare levy, high earners are also subject to an additional Medicare Levy Surcharge if they are not purchasing Private Hospital Health Insurance. The government also subsidises insurance premiums, depending on age and income, making private insurance a more affordable and attractive offer.

With private health insurance, people can get access to basic health insurance coverage all the way up to comprehensive health insurance. Private Health insurance does not preclude the use of public hospitals; it simply opens up more options. Those with private Health insurance can still use public facilities as a care option. Private Health insurance also allows policy holders to access a huge network of private doctors and hospitals around the country. Many not-for-profit health insurance providers offer more doctors and hospitals on contract through the Australian Health Service Alliance (AHSA). Being a part of the AHSA offers member a great value medical gap scheme to reduce out of pocket expenses.